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About Motel Kumania:

Motel Kumania" is a free online service, founded by James Johnson, that strives to bring you the best of fun and entertainment, whilst doing all possible to keep all of its users in both a family-friendly and user-friendly environment.  Thanks to its loyal and honest administrators, Motel Kumania is a secure and enjoyable place to relax and not have to worry about bullying, spamming, hacking, trolling, or vulgarity; or at least not without serious chastisement for the offender-slash-offenders!


"How did Motel Kumania start", you might ask.  Well, this facebook article, written by the founder of Motel Kumania himself, should answer your question quite nicely:



James Johnson:

"I would have posted this yesterday, but I didn't have enough time on Wi-Fi on the way home from my aunt's house to get onto Facebook. Anyway, yesterday was Autism Awareness Day. So I figured I should help to make you all a little more aware of my own autism.

First off, "What is autism"? Well, autism is a developmental disorder in the brain that impedes, but doesn't fully block, certain aspects of maturing-slash-maturity from happening as quickly as normal in those who have it. Autism affects everyone who has it in a different way. Some may be fidgety. Others may talk loudly when they don't mean to, or unknowingly use the wrong tone of voice for the way they currently feel. Still others may have the same conversations over and over with either the same person, or a slew of different people. Some people with Autism may get upset over things that weren't intended to offend them, or things that are out of their control. There are even some autistic people who like, associate themselves with, or are unknowingly "addicted to television shows, movies, games, or other media or forms of entertainment that are not meant for their age group. Most of these latter individuals watch shows like "Thomas The Tank Engine" when they are twenty years old, but there are some rare cases where young children with autism will do anything they can to get their hands on mature content.

Then, there are people like me: people with autism who like to follow a specific rule or set of rules all the time. Some of these people, including I, even believe that everyone else should follow the same rule or rules that we so firmly cling to. For me, it is the "NO CUSSING" rule. My autism has lead me to believe that no one should use inappropriate language of any kind, including the c-word that means "poop", the d-word that means, "condemn", and the h-word that means "the underworld"; as well as literally any and all other words that at least someone in the world would get offended by, even if that someone is of an older generation that doesn't appreciate such words because they and the members of their generation would never be caught saying them.

Some autistic people get angry if they find that someone has violated their "special rule". I am pretty sure that I am not the only one. However, even though we may or may not feel, at such a time, that our anger is not controllable, we need to always keep in mind that it is, and that if we do anything in anger that hurts someone in any way, there will most likely be consequences that we won't like.

Although our autism has literally no control over us, not even when we get angry; some of us, like I, tend to forget to think before we act, more often than those without autism, and we may accidentally do things, without bad intentions, that do end up offending others. For example, as I mentioned above, some people who have autism may accidentally use the wrong tone of voice; so if I, let's just say for now, said, "Nice shirt", you might think I sounded sarcastic, but in all honesty, I'm being as serious as the sun is hot.

Now really, my tone of voice isn't usually one of the areas in which I struggle with my autism, that was just an example. However, I do struggle to explain things sometimes. You might ask me why I feel a certain way, and I may just say that I don't know why. It isn't really that I don't know, it's really just that I have trouble explaining certain things because my brain can't wrap itself around the entire explanation, and for me, my brain needs to be able to have a firm grasp on a subject before it can enable me to speak about something. Think of it as airport security: they could let you get right to your gate, but they can't because they have to make sure that they "understand" everything that you possess before they'll let you onto that plane.

Another autistic trait that I used to struggle with, but don't anymore, is that I used to pretend I was someone from a television show, from a video game, or from some other made-up place. In other words, I used to have a very prominent fantasy life. However, I made a website to which I can channel all of my fantasy-related thoughts, and it really worked! I am now able to keep my fantasy thoughts away from my life in the real world, and vice versa! I've even gone so far as to reveal my real self on my website, so that people can better understand its purpose.

Anyway, I hope you understand a little more about autism, and how it relates to me. Thank you for your interest in such a topic, and I hope you enjoyed Autism Awareness Day."



Although that was the original reason for this site's creation, Motel Kumania has become much more than just a way for James to get away from his, at times, hard life.  Now it is a thriving community of people who, whether they have fantasy lives or not, wish to relax in a place where others care about how they feel; where no bullying of any kind is accepted by any means; and where anyone can share their own creations and life stories.  Yet, it even goes further than that: this is a place in which people can connect with one another in ways that they may not necessarily be able to on just any other social network.  By text, by photo, by video, by voice; Motel Kumania lets anyone communicate in almost any way through which they know how to best.  And the best part is that it's all free, and it always will be!


Motel Kumania: Come together, stay together, grow together!