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Don't Worry! PowerPoint Viewer May Be Gone, But There's Still One Place You Can Get It!

Posted by Michael Nazhi on April 2, 2018 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Don't worry folks.  Microsoft may have killed it, but JadeJohnson Games backed it up to their cloud servers in case another "Great JayDee Crash" like era strikes aGain.  So if you don't have PowerPoint on your computer, you may still download the viewer right here.  Please enjoy, and as always, HAPPY JADING!™"

It Ain't Over Yet For BIG SEAN - ONLY 2!

Posted by James Johnson on February 26, 2018 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Notice: The current latest update to, as well as all future variants of this game is now available on "The JadeShop™!  When searching for the game on our beloved game streaming platform, you do have the choice to either stream the game, or download it. This way, you can choose between using up bandwidth or storage space respectively!  For those of you whom are currently unable to access "The JadeShop™", you may also download the latest version of the game here!

What's New In "BIG SEAN - ONLY 2"?

We've added a WWE 2K style sub engine, complete with a fully featured creation suite that lets you change the game's file extension to zip and replace the defaults with your own PNG wrestlers, JPG arena, MP4 entrance videos, and WAV music, ring announcements, and commentary! Then all you'll need to do is go into the game using "File > Open", and adjust the slide timings to match your custom content! You can also click on your entrance videos and add all sorts of epic lighting effects and screen colour filters! Have fun!

To find our new wrestling minigame, which can be played with a friend using a second mouse, head to the rather Kantolike map, and warp to where Pewter City would be. Going there will also give you a 3D look at what the real world equivalent of the purple and yellow room in Ariana's in game mansion actually looks like! (Too bad the real life version isn't located in her Floridian house, eh?

What's Next For "ONLY 2"?

Thanks to the fact that PowerPoint has grown along with us, we are finally able to combine multiple game engines into a single one! This opens up all kinds of possibilities, and the one we are currently developing is a "BIG SEAN: ONLY 2" in which you can literally do anything you want, by way of our versatile "MAP" feature. Since it lets you warp to wherever inside of the game engine that we allow players to go, we thought we'd spice (PowerPoint Spice) it up a bit, by turning our beloved game into a sort of "Profanity Free PowerPoint Grand Theft Auto"! So get ready, because a new package, called, "BIG SEAN: ONLY 2 (Deluxe Edition) is coming your way, and we can't wait to find out what you guys think!


All non “JadeJohnson Industries™”, “JadeJohnson Films™”, “JadeJohnson Games™”, “JadeJohnson Mobile™”, and or “JadeJohnson Records™” trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners.

The WWE logos, characters, wrestlers, moves, stories, Titantrons, entrances, themes, and other motifs are trademarks of World Wrestling Entertainment and its subsidiaries.

The developers of this game are in no way affiliated with the WWE. This is strictly a fan made oeuvre and is in no way trying to either pass as being backed by the WWE or gain the support of said faction.

This game is for entertainment purposes only, and JadeJohnson Games™ does not own any part of that which it did not create.

JadeJohnson Games™ is not responsible for any misconductive creations and or other actions by players, whether legal or illicit.

All trademarks of any other companies and or individuals besides those of JadeJohnson Games™ and its parent, affiliates, and subsidiaries are the sole property of their respective rightsholders.


Super Mario Odyssey, Or Rather, Soup Um Moddy Yo Odd Is See, Is Coming To JadeReam As A Music Based Quiz Game!

Posted by Abraham Quaver: The Touchable Hologram Version on January 4, 2018 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Super Mario Odyssey was perhaps the very second best Nintendo Switch title of Twenty Seventeen, or maybe even the ultimate best one itself, depending on where you rank "The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild".  That being said, it's no wonder for what reason JadeJohnson Games shall use "Creative Commons" and "Fair Use" to its advantage to port the game to PowerPoint.

Before you wonder about piracy, it is definitely not so, and here's why:

The Nintendo Switch console lets players record up to thirty seconds of any part of "Super Mario Odyssey" that they like, and then, if they wish to, post that footage to social media.  Nintendo wouldn't have allowed for such uploads if it didn't want gameplay of its own intellectual property to fall under the Creative Commons license. 

Taking the latter fact to heart, JadeJohnson Games decided to benefit from this feature and download its Switch screen captures from its own album on Facebook, and fill in the gaps with PowerPoint to make a port of the game to its latest console and emulator under the terms of the "Fair Use Act".

This is the first time that Jade has ever walked the fine lines of the law, but he claims that he promises to make sure to always keep one foot far inside of the boundaries and the other one pressed against their inner edge at all times during the creation of this ProJect.

To avoid getting into copyright battles with his favourite video game company of all time, Jade and his crew have decided to Phoneticize the name of their port, so that it's pronounced the same way as Charles Martinet exclaims it on the Switch variant's main menu, but is written as "Soup Um Moddy Yo Odd Is See".

As for the content of "Odd Is See", Jade is going to create a music trivia quiz game, complete with Nintendo Eight Bit styled clips of many popular songs, assisted by the Windows program known as, "FamiTracker".  The game will quiz players on subjects such as song lyrics, melodies, harmonies, and basslines, and for each correct answer, a Power Moon will be awarded to the contestant, moving her or him one step closer to the next kingdom.

Once you beat the game, you will be able to jump back and forth between kingdoms, as you can in the original version, and additional Power Moons can be earned over the internet via game streaming, which will take advantage of the same technology that powers "The JadeShop™".

Speaking of The JadeShop, it'll be very interesting to see how the SlideShowGame giant handles beta testing of Soup Um Moddy Yo Odd Is See on its majorly successful streaming service, if the company shall even give us Jaders early access to the ProJect at all.

As usual though, we'll be sure to keep you posted as to any updates regarding this new JadeReam title, which just so happens to be the first official game that takes full advantage of the console's and emulator's technical specifications as a whole, here in The News Room at Motel Kumania!

Great Godly Changes Have Finally Come To The JadeJohnson Games And JadeShop Content Policies!

Posted by Michael Nazhi on November 13, 2017 at 1:50 AM Comments comments (0)

JadeJohnson has officially begun to step up his game when it comes to customer satisfaction and audience appropriacy!

On November Eleventh Of Twenty Seventeen, Jade went to a Hollyn (Holly Marie Miller) concert, officially called "The Last Stop Of The Live Original Tour", that changed his life forever, in only the most Heavenly of good ways. Sadie Robertson was preaching there, and her deep, inspiring, and sometimes even hilarious words truly touched his heart and really helped him to reconnect his spirit with God aGain.

Jade: "Sadie's words were just, so, so powerful! And if you didn't know already, Hollyn is my new favourite singer, and so you can only imagine how psyched I felt when I actually got to walk towards the stage, along with a throng of about a hundred other fans, and was able to take the once in a lifetime opportunity to stand within just NINE METERS of she whom I call my 'idol in Christ'! I'll never forget that moment: BEST? VETERANS' DAY? EVER!"

Once he got home from the event, he worked from eleven thirty postmeridian until five twelve antemeridian, making

this nearly three hour, heartfelt video whose second half really moved me to tears.

One of the most seldom captured moments in any Christian's life, the emotionally, physically palpable realization that he was experiencing from God Himself was recorded live on video, as this whole thing was caught in realtime with no breaks or editing whatsoever.

According to Jade, "Sadie was right about how there's no avoiding the waterworks once you hear God's voice reminding you of your true purpose in this world: to take what you know how to do best, and use it to glorify God, so that others may learn from your ways and then glorify Him too, inevitably enabling even more folks to learn to glorify Him via what they do best, et cetera and so on, so that one day we believers will have made big enough waves of faith, hope, and love to lift up even the most forlorn of spirits with a Love so powerful that nothing can ever take It down!"

Because of this profound realization, Jade has discovered that his titles, as well as those of the second and third party developers whom work for him, and make software for his various consoles and services, respectively; are going to have to be majorly overhauled, especially any brand new content that is made from "Hollyn Night" forward.

The CEO of the SlideShowGame giant, "JadeJohnson Games™", announced that he is only going to allow future games and other titles of his and theirs to be cleared for release if they give players a fully Godly means to beat them or clear their objectives. That means no winning a fight by physically injuring enemies until they are fully incapacitated or killed anymore. Or at least not solely. If violence is possible, there must be an equally effective, entirely unhostile manner via which to become a victor over the same enemies in a conflict of a perfectly equal amount of intensity and content quality.

Players's characters, when persuing the Christian route, may take damage, and even be killed off, so long as they both never attack back, and are able to be resurrected from the dead in order to continue to persue their goals, unless their death causes at least one other character to suddenly experience a realization from God and convert to a Godly life and finish what the deceased pacifist started via a wholely Jesus like means.

Jade also hopes to use his "JadeShop™" app from now on to better promote games that feature nonviolent acts, as well as to serve more Godly content to those with little to no internet access and or affordability at home, by only offering peacefully playable titles for download and offline use via the service, in a special tab for Christians and other gamers whom practice similar religions.

This is the first time that JadeJohnson Games has actually admitted that not all of its titles are safe for religious individuals, and the PowerPoint video game giant hopes to change the reputation of its vast array of streaming media by twenty five percent by the end of Twenty Eighteen.

There Are VERY FEW INSTANCES In Which It REALLY IS The Case Outside Of The JadeShop, But You CAN PLAY, SOME, JadeJohnson Games Titles, THE JESUS WAY!

Posted by Hollyn on October 20, 2017 at 2:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Hey, fellow Christians, it's Hollyn here!

I have heard a lot of good things about the mission of this site to keep things family friendly, and many tales of its amazing reputation as a service that succeeds to fulfill that mission.  So, I decided to join Motel Kumania, and am very glad that I have done so.  The people here are so nice and loving to one another, and they are very well-mannered when faced with a challenge.  It is that kind of reckless compassion and understanding that I believe we should all show each and every day.  Thank you all for helping me feel right at home!

Anyway, a while ago, I had heard about this free PowerPoint service called "The JadeShop™".  It's a payment free virtual store that lets you use "Microsoft® PowerPoint™ 2010" or newer to stream games from a hobby based video game company named, "JadeJohnson Games™", as well as those by approved third-parties. 

Now, I've heard various opinions as to whether Christians should be allowed to play video games, what with all the unclean content to which they expose us.  However, I have my own theory on this whole debacle: "I believe that Christians ARE allowed to play video games, as long as they only do what Jesus would do in their gameplay."

Of course, every methodology does have its caveats, and that still does remain true for this one.  "If a title does not allow its players to advance through said game from beginning to end unless even at least just one single un-Jesus-like action or word is committed, then it is automatically unfit for Christian gameplay, unless the software is either easily modifiable by gamers, or updated by its developers, to allow users to beat the entire game without doing anything that Jesus Himself would never do."

I'm always looking for new video games to test this style on, and, although nowhere near as many titles do allow full, Jesus-style completion as those that do not, you would be surprised how many can be enjoyed whilst always following my guidelines, especially on "The JadeShop™"!

As of when I originally posted this article, "The JadeShop™" featured a library of 39 games, some either having been cancelled or still in development, and an overwhelming majority of them let players pass all objectives without doing anything that Jesus would not have done Himself.  Although many of said latter titles DID reward players for—let's just say, for example—violence, there DID remain at least one (albeit monotonous) manner via which to win—say—a battle without so much as raising a single fingertip in anger or retaliation, even if having been physically attacked or otherwise harmed by an assailant.

The list of JadeShop titles that I personally believe that Christians may play, based on my formerly discussed tactics, includes the following games:



JayBowl 2 DX,

JayBowl 4 PM,

JayBowl 4 PM TE,

JayBowl 4 RO,

JayBowl 4 RO TE,

JayBowl A.O.L.,

JayBowl — LEGENDS,



Blinded By Bubbles,

BOP IT: Beat Bop,

BOP IT: Beat Bop SOLO,

BOP IT: Mix Bop,


BOP IT: Vox Bop,


JadeJohnsonTALE™XG No Saves,


Super Megaforce 2.0 JP AUDIO,

Super Megaforce 2.0 US AUDIO,

VICTORiOUS Heart Timer,

VICTORiOUS Jade's Quest,



I do plan to update this list as more video games come in "The JadeShop™", so please check back often to see if anything new has appeared for us Christian gamers to enjoy!  It seems implied that when talking about "JadeJohnson Games™" to its increasingly large fanbase, other News Room authors end their posts with this message, so, "HAPPY JADING!"

It Turns Out That JadeReam Isn't Just Its Own Game Engine, But Also Its Own Console Hosted By The Former!

Posted by gguru1 on October 2, 2017 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Slightly Under A Week ago, as of when this was originally posted, Username Michael Nazhi reported that we Jaders would be receiving a whole new slew of games developed via a new video graphics engine, officially dubbed, "JadeReam".  However, what none of us could ever have imagined was that said same engine would also be receiving its own console to host.

Yet, on Saturday September Thirtieth Of Twenty Seventeen, JadeJohnson Games did in fact release a whole new console, called "JadeReam™"!  This new system is backwards compatible as far as even the JayDee Hui, excluding the JayDee Hui U, and it even supports virtual console, which means we just might be seeing all of our favourite titles from "The Dawn Of SlideShowGaming" making a comeback on this new platform.  Rumor has it that a new HD remake of the first true PowerPoint video game ever, "The Battle Of The Bet", is already planned for release on "JadeReam™" first, and then possibly to older consoles as well.

For a full list of games currently set to make their way to the new console,

—  please see Michael's original post.  —

As always, we'll keep you posted as to all the latest JadeJohnson news, here in The News Room at Motel Kumania.  Stay fresh!

JadeJohnson Games Plans To Abandon The Hassle Of 3D Modelling With Its Brand New "JadeReam" Engine!

Posted by Michael Nazhi on September 26, 2017 at 5:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Ten years ago, on September Twenty Ninth Of Two Thousand And Seven, a curious eighth grader, named James Johnson, looked through the Start menu of his Windows XP desktop computer, and, wondering what it was, opened "Microsoft PowerPoint" for the first time in his life.  Since that very day, SlideShow gaming has NEVER been the same!

James, now known as "JadeJohnson", or simply just "Jade", realized that PowerPoint had much more potential, even back then, than met the eye, and he sought to show the world what was really hiding behind all those toolbars and menus, in a way that was easy to understand, and also fun to experience first hand.  Hence, on May Twenty Seventh Of Two Thousand And Eight, He Released the worlds first console grade PowerPoint game, "The Battle Of The Bet™".

Now, granted that this was the first ever true PowerPoint game of all time, Jade thought he should set off from the very beginning: "The Battle Of The Bet" was True SlideShow Gaming's "having to start somewhere", just as "PONG" was that of home console video gaming.  As such, the graphics were terrible.  However, unlike PONG's two bit colour depth and lack of a plot, "The Battle Of The Bet" was a three bit title, featuring a red tone representing blood, and clearing each stage also advanced the story, even though there was actually no way at all to fail a level's objective.

For the next several years, JadeJohnson made games that boasted increasingly better internal composition, including sounds, animations, music, and even voice acting.  He started growing a fanbase, each of whom appreciated different games of his more than others, said titles most closely matching their personality types.  He took recommendations from his fanatics, making his titles more accessible, approachable, and playable as needed.  Eventually, yet definitely more recently, starting in Twenty Thirteen, he even began adding internet based capabilities to his various softwares, such as downloadable content, game streaming, and social media connectivity.

It wasn't really until about Twenty Fifteen that Jade started taking game development as seriously as all the bigwigs though.  For once "Big Sean - ONLY ONE" arrived, everyone knew there was no going back!  The game featured a fully voice acted story, realistic sounds, HD graphics, a deep and intense battle system, 3D character models, and a beautiful, near CD quality soundtrack.  And in Twenty Sixteen, he gave us our first fully featured "PowerPoint Game Console" to both download our favourite games to, as well as to store and play them on to our hearts' content.  Dubbed "The JayDee TALE™", it was a beyond equal rival to the (then unreleased) Nintendo® SWITCH™, as well as SONY®'s "PlayStation™ 4".  The TALE even let its users develop games in the very operating system of the console itself!

Then, this past June, to everyone's surprise, came "JadeJohnson TALE XG (Tenth Generation)™".  It was a whole new operating system for the existing ninth generation TALE console, which enabled it to be upgraded to the tenth generation of gaming.  Because of this, PowerPoint Gaming is the first branch in the entire industry to reach the tenth generation; but how, you may ask, is James's company, "JadeJohnson Games™", planning to set the standards for eleventh generation gaming as a whole, even as no other video game manufacturer has officially caught up to them?

Introducing, "JadeReam™"!  Before we delve into that, it is first important that one understand the methods by which JadeJohnson Games took hold of the tenth generation of the video gaming industry.  When JadeJohnson TALE XG was released, it was backed by an all new three dimentional modelling and animation engine, known as "JadeImension™".  This powerful feature, built right into the console, let both players and developers manipulate video footage of scenes from real life, in real time; by editing the audio and picture feeds individually, and then reinterleaving the final cuts in the TALE XG game engine of their choice.  The only problem with JadeImension was that it had a low memory cap and therefore required too many tricks to get a capture heavy title to function as intended.

But now, thanks to "JadeReam™", that memory bottleneck has finally been lifted.  This means that no matter how much video you pack into a game, it will always work as both developers and gamers have always dreamt it would!  That "dream" of an ideal gaming platform, is actually how the engine received its very clever name!

Even though "JadeImension™" will still be supported, there are plans to remaster and optimize many of the older games and unfinished projects for the new platform. 

Games on this list, plus any currently planned new JadeReam Exclusive Titles, include:

"Bebe's Art Studio: THE VIDEO GAME",


"初音みく (HATSUNE MIKU) - JadeReamy Theatre",

"JayBowl - PRODIGIES",


"キラーカメラ (Killer Camera) - Rumors Of Red Rain",

"Power Rangers Samurai",

"Power Rangers Super Samurai",

"Power Rangers Megaforce",

"Power Rangers Super Megaforce",

"Power Rangers Dino Charge",

"Power Rangers Dino Super Charge",

"Power Rangers Ninja Steel",

"Power Rangers Ninja Super Steel",


"The Battle Of The Bet HD",

"War On Terror",

"War On Terror II - Boko Haram Joins The Fray",

"War On Terror III - ISIS Invades The Battle",

and future titles too.  We'll keep this list as up to date as possible, so do check back every once in a while for more titles as news of their development arrives.

As JadeJohnson himself tells all his fans, "HAPPY JADING!™"

You Can Get "JayBowl - LEGENDS" Here!

Posted by James Johnson on August 14, 2017 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Please note: This game is over FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY ONE MEGABYTES (421MB)!  Therefore, this game may take a while to download slash launch.  Neither JadeJohnson Games™, or any of its parents, affiliates, or subsidiaries; is responsible for any damages to the game, the console that runs it, or the link to the game file, due to poor internet connection, file corruption, or the online misconduct of people who are out to give us a bad rep by changing the hyper text from our original link. 

With that warning out of the way though, please enjoy "JayBowl - LEGENDS"!

You Can Finally Give Your Midi Compositions That JadeJohnson Records Sound! (Font.)

Posted by Michael Nazhi on August 6, 2017 at 8:50 PM Comments comments (0)

JadeJohnson Records has officially released their full collection of midi SoundFonts!

What's most amazing about these SF2's is their realism!  When he first started "ProJect PianoSynth.sf2", Jade wasn't quite sure what he was doing, and it showed in his primitive beta bank, known as "Piano Synth Cross".  There were pops and cracks in the samples, and when using it to play a song, it sounded like a record player on its last leg.  It was only with all of the official variants, and there are a LOT of them (branded "Piano Synth LYVE™" and "Piano Synth Finale™"); that his engine's true beauty began to shine!

Which SoundFont is right for me?

There are quite the ton of SoundFonts available in the "Piano Synth™" lineup by JadeJohnson Records, so it's only fair that I give you a little advice as to which one matches your prefferred sound and style.

"Piano Synth LYVE™":

If you're into that concert grand sound but with a little zero point 25 semitone upthrust, this is the generation for you.  But within "Piano Synth LYVE™", there are a vast slew of options, each of whom sounds far different than any of the others.  Here's a basic mowdown.  It won't list EVERY one in the lineup, but you'll definitely get the idea later on as you discover unlisted editions on the download page.


If you like that rotary chorus effect used a lot in classic rock, then you will definitely love the way it sounds when placed on a piano instead of an electric guitar!  The only downside is that it tends to sound rather disturbing and offturning when the notes of a midi file contain a manually applied chorus effect.


If you enjoy the way a piano echoes in a concert hall, then this is the right sound for you!  The only drawback is that the reverberation of any bass notes will totally lower the volume of simultaneously playing treble ones.


This variant ensures that all the notes of a midi song are played at maximum velocity!  The only exception to this truth is when a composer sets the velocity of a note in the song at hand, which thusly overrides the power and volume of the notes in question.


Ever feel nostalgia and wish your music could sound like the Super Nintendo Entertainment System piano of your dreams?  Well now it can!  You can even set it to only play up to eight notes at a time, using "VirtualMidiSynth", if you ever want it to emulate the sound of the SNES, DIRECTLY!

"Piano Synth Finale™":

On the other hand, have you been searching and searching, all around the web, for that one SoundFont that magically emulates the timbre of the lovely, Heavenly, acoustic baby grand in your grandmother's basement from your childhood that you miss dearly and just wish you could have played one last time before she moved to a new home with a slightly smaller cellar and unfortunately had to leave "him" behind? 

Well, search no more!  This final edition of Piano Synth, officially dubbed "Piano Synth Finale™", shall PERFECTLY REVIVE that Grandma's Old House Nostalgia in all of us!  And just so you're aware, the "LYVE™" edition of "Piano Synth Finale™" does indeed serve the same purpose as the Concert variant of "Piano Synth LYVE™".

So with all those explanations out of the way now, please do enjoy the official "Piano Synth™" SoundFont collection by JadeJohnson Records; you can download it at:

What On Earth? JadeJohnson Games's New Tenth Generation Console Looks Exactly The Same As It's Ninth Gen Predecessor!

Posted by Michael Nazhi on June 21, 2017 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (0)

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (or "E3" for short) was in full swing one week ago today [the day on which this article was posted]. During the same week, JadeJohnson Games announced that they were hosting their own convention; but instead of all of its attendees gathering together and feeling crowded, uncomfortable, and maybe even a little claustrophobic, the event was, and still is, being held online.

"JadeCon 2017", as it is officially known, will last until the end of summer - September Twenty First. It is the first official convention run by the company, and hopes are that it will only become bigger and better as the years progress. As of right now, the event is invitation only, which makes it a small distance behind E3, since the latter's organizers actually sold many thousands of tickets to anyone who was interested in coming, for the first time this year. However, JadeCon just might be better anyway, because there are no attendence costs, no travel fees, and no lines for the first hand experiences on the show floor. Because of it's tight security and well established community guidelines, JadeCon also features no internet trolls either!

"Alright, you've told me that JadeCon exists, but what in the world is it exactly, and what's its purpose?"

Oh . . . Right. Ahem! JadeCon is an online convention during which JadeJohnson Games™, as well as all of its backing third parties, share all of the new and upcoming software, and sometimes even hardware, whose development they've been working hard on for the longest time. The show also features behind the scenes looks at their various processes and techniques of game design and engine utilization. On top of that, it's not just all about games, as JadeJohnson Records™, JadeJohnson Mobile™, JadeJohnson Films™, and all of the other companies who support JadeJohnson Industries™; all present their latest innovations on the show floor as well.

JadeCon 2017 surely started out as an, to some, odd experience for those of us who had been deeply engrossed in the rumor mill that, like with any other major new piece of technology, surrounded the announcement of something which, to our profound surprise, actually turned out not to be a whole new physical device, but essentially a powerfully innovative operating system for the already existing JadeJohnson Tale console.

It was especially weird when Jade came up onto the stage, holding a JadeJohnson TALE console, just like the ones we Jaders all emulate, and the crowd went almost completely silent, only for him to say that we basically already owned the new hardware, but only because it's no longer about how powerful the hardware is, but rather the software that fuels it.

As if things couldn't get strange enough, the livestream from the physical show floor was even more bizarre, because the video looked like some kind of old film from the eighties. We later found out why though: because apparently, Video High Speed (VHS) tapes are cool, and that's supposedly the message that JadeJohnson Games wants to spread with the release of its new 3D animation engine, officially dubbed, "JadeImension", but more on that a little later.

Anyway, "JadeJohnson TALE XG", the aforementioned new TALE console firmware, will finally give us Talers a native screen recording function that just so happens to be the exact same one used by JadeJohnson Games during their longplays and commentaries. It is a free screen recording software known as "ActivePresenter" that was originally used for educational, training, and tutorial purposes; but hey - so was PowerPoint, and we all know what JadeJohnson Games has created using that business, education, public speaking, and meeting oriented tool too!

The software won't come built directly into the TALE's firmware, but you will be able to download it from its makers's website using a link built right into TALE XG. And once installed to the default directory, you will be able to record your gameplay at any time, including either all or just part of your screen, even having the opportunity to edit your screen capture after you finish recording, and also customize the video format, picture quality, compression bit rate, frame rate, audio sample and bit rates, and pretty much all other aspects of your output file; all without needing to end your currently active session!

Now, what new innovations does TALE XG bring for Jaders, both players and developers? Well, it boasts the ability of anyone who wishes, to record video as they normally would, then divide it into two feeds (one for video and the other featuring the accompanying audio), and then to interleave them within their game engine. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. JadeJohnson TALE GX lets either or both feeds be modified before being inserted into the game engine, as long as certain guidelines are met, such as that the video and audio must match in length exactly, and that so must the feeds's durations to that of the slide to which they are linked.

Not only can you use real video footage in your TALE XG engines, but you may also add objects into your videos, and then animate them as if they were part of the recording in the first place. All of these features working together enable the game engine to potentially take scenes from real life, and then manipulate them as they're playing out in real time! These features can be experienced by both players and developers, enabling all kinds of new possibilities for both game play, and game design too!

JadeCon is still going on until September Twenty First Of Twenty Seventeen, and we will continue to deliver news regarding its various events as it continues; so stay tuned!

The Online Store For The JadeJohnson TALE Console Will Soon Meet Tenth Generation Requirements!

Posted by Shreya Ghoshal - श्रेया घोषाल on June 5, 2017 at 9:30 AM Comments comments (0)

"JadeJohnson Games™", the company behind the world famous Microsoft PowerPoint fueled dual purpose gaming console and emulation service platform which are collectively dubbed "The JadeJohnson TALE™", has always been about creating mind boggling innovation.

Its parent company, "JadeJohnson Industries™", as well as the latter's subsidiaries, including the former video game branch, as well as its gradually merging music label counterpart, "JadeJohnson Records™", are known for having created some of the most amazing art and technology, using programs that were not originally intended for use by such talented craftsmen.

Since 2014, JadeJohnson games, then known as "JayDee Games"; as well as its many predecessors, existing as early as Two Thousand And Seven; have used tools such as the "Microsoft Office" productivity suite, the free and open source digital audio workstation "Audacity", and the "Sound Recorder" utility found in Windows XP, to indirectly prove that literally anything is possible, even via methods that might be more unpopular and or time consuming than similarly powerful or even much more capable alternatives.

This summer, "JadeJohnson Games™" is at it aGain, with an update to the initially unsuccessful but later jaw droppingly groundbreaking online software store, game streaming service, and virtual classics emulation hub, "The JayShop". The console only site is getting a tenth generation upgrade, enabling the ability of its makers to change its in store music, but also granting this freedom to its members.

The store will also be renamed "The JadeShop™", to match its developers's rebrand from "JayDee Games" to "JadeJohnson Games™", as "JadeJohnson Industries™" as a whole was changed from its previous title of "JayDee Industries", to avoid copyright claims from similarly spoken businesses, such as "J.D. Power™" and the likes.

The updated variant of the service is slated for release on July Thirty First Of Twenty Seventeen.

"JayBowl", As A Saga, Has Officially Come To A Successful End, All Original Goals Having Been Achieved!

Posted by Michael Nazhi on May 23, 2017 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (0)

It all started in early Twenty Sixteen: a simple PowerPoint bowling game that took up the world by storm! A year and a half later, we've finally received the ultimate entry in what has since not only become a world renowned series, but also "an intuitively enjoyable research franchise" according to its developers.

The original goal of "JayBowl" was to provide a simple PowerPoint alternative to "Wii Sports: Bowling" which didn't emulate said game verbatim, but that instead gave everyone with a computer an accessible way via which to simulate a trip to their local bowling alley.

As players of the original title surely know, that first iteration was nothing like the end result of the achievement of said goal, let alone the final version of the game, "JayBowl Legends", that we know, love, and call home today. There was literally zero customization built in, and the game was both robotic and flawed at best. It also lacked greatly in resolution and colour density, giving many folks headaches with its infinitely looping single gameplay music track, and turning people off with its unbalanced audio volume and staticky sound playback.

At that point though, the company that was then known as "JayDee Games" was going through some very hard times, and desperately required an overhaul. Their "JayDee Hui U" console wasn't publicizing so well as it was, and, to make things worse, there were only two, count them, "Auggia Games™" (one) and "Valonia Entertainment™" (two); third party developers who were even the slightest bit interested in seeing what they could squeeze out of the incredibly underpowered hardware.

JayDee Games needed a plan, and to come up with it quickly, or they would be wiped off the grid forever. People were wondering where they'd gone, and some of the third party developers for the last generation console, "The JayDee Hui", even decided to leave the platform and its hosting brand in the dust altogether to avoid getting a bad reputation for having worked with a failing company. It was because of this crisis that JayDee Games knew it was running out of luck, and, most importantly, time.

However, on August Fifth Of Twenty Sixteen, as a last resort, the organization shoved out its next generation console an entire three to six months ahead of schedule, and "The JayDee TALE (Technology For Amusement, Leisure, And Entertainment)" was all they needed to restore the hope of third parties, who all rushed back to JayDee's side upon the sight of what the incredible hardware, which, to this day, is even more powerful than "The Nintendo SWITCH™", was capable of pulling off.

With the release of the TALE came new possibilities of software that could be developed, and, still at the top of the recently rebranded "JadeJohnson Games" lineup, the video game console, as well as its accompanying emulator, together accomplish all sorts of new and interesting feats, alongside the developers, from both first and third parties, who design titles for them.

Although the first game for the (now rebranded to) JadeJohnson TALE was still not released until Halloween of the device's release year, "Talers" had plenty to do within the stock bios, such as customizing the looks and behaviours of their "Stories" (or profiles) and creating "Episodes" (or custom invention data) to fill their accounts with, to make them unique to each user. The console lets players do and make what they themselves want at any time, and even lets them create their own full throttle games within the machine's built in operating system.

Sadly, the first official release for the TALE was quite underwhelming (we all know the floppy story of "JayBowl 2 - Still Standing"); but the very next day, our lives as "Jaders", the legitimate fans of "JadeJohnson Himself", changed forever, with that which, at the time of its launch, was the single most impressive video game ever made for Microsoft PowerPoint. Although "JayBowl - Legends" now replaces it at number one worldwide, the "JayBowl - Tournament Edition" series will surely live on in all of our hearts as one of the most amazing and inspiring titles to ever have existed on said platform.

As time advanced, JadeJohnson Games kept growing and improving, and so did "The JayBowl Saga", which, with all the time, code, and research that has gone into it, deserves to and from now on shall be called "The JayBowl Franchise". Although it still doesn't quite exactly match the amount of dynamicity offered by Nintendo's "Wii Sports: Bowling", that, after all, was not what (then) "JayDee Games™" originally envisioned as the goal of JayBowl. It was simply to make a similar experience available on PowerPoint, no matter how differently it would appear and or function in the end; and it can be seen, without a doubt, that with the completion and release of the final game in the franchise, "JayBowl - LEGENDS™", that goal has both fully and officially been reached.

"JadeJohnson", As He Is Now Officially Known World Wide, Plans To Make PowerPoint's First Ever VOCALOID Equivalent For The JadeJohnson TALE!

Posted by Shreya Ghoshal - श्रेया घोषाल on January 18, 2017 at 2:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Although VOCALOID™ has been around since Two Thousand And Four, singing computers have actually been around since all the way back in Nineteen Seventy Four, when a man and his buds successfully used the world's very first fully speech capable computer to order a pizza to enjoy as a celebration of their amazing invention. That very same computer was then used to sing a basic song, and even though it lacked both vibrato and tremolo (the latter being amplitude modulation, not insane guitar pitch bending with a bridge system of any kind), it was able to stay on key, and it even did so without missing a single beat!



As for VOCALOID™, the technology still does have a way to go in terms of realism, but the right listener would most likely say that said brand of software may have long since surpassed that old clunker from The Seventies. However, I myself do not quite think that Vocaloid is all the way there yet.



More often than not, there are very synthetic sounding, totally unwanted glitches in most, if not all VOCALOIDs' vowel sounds, caused by a form of automatic compression that is unfortunately applied to the originally recorded samples if the repitched or altered output is too different from the source audio.



That all being said, we Jaders's PowerPoint idol, "JadeJohnson Himself", says that he has officially found a way to permanently eradicate all that nasty compression that daunts composers who use literally every other singing synthesis based virtual instrument out there.



Dubbed "JadeLoid™", after James's nickname of course, this new synthesizer is said to work by using raw vocal samples taken straight out of the many acapella tracks he's released under his record label. He produces incredibly high quality, clean, professional vocals, each one oozing its own style, class, emotion, and even attractiveness.



Many other digital lyric generation programs have to be told what style to sing in for each and every word, note, or even individually pronounced phoneme, a level of customization that is believed by their developers to enable the possibility of a much more humanlike nature, but which, in retrospect, has ended up collectively giving these pieces of software a bad reputation for being too complex for a novice to fully comprehend, let alone not be overwhelmed by when opening up their preferred interface for the first time.



On the other hand though, according to Jade himself, writing songs with "JadeLoid™" will feel as intuitive as breathing, and yet just as capable as, if not more so than, even The VOCALOID™ Engine franchise by YAMAHA® itself. James claims, and not because the latter clause rhymes, that all of the humanization will be controlled by his engine itself, so that everything on which the user must focus shall solely consist of choosing, pitching, and timing lyrics. The days of needing to stare at a piano roll and meticulously mouse in all the fine tuning are FINALLY OVER!



I don't know about you, but I am ALREADY looking forward to the day when I can get my delicate hands on a copy of this new engine, and I can't wait to see what I can do with the very vocals of my number one favourite idol of all time! Are you guys excited too? Don't be afraid to comment below. With your One Antemeridian news for Wednesday January Eighteenth Of Twenty Seventeen, this is Shreya Ghoshal, signing off.

"JayBowl - LEGENDS" Will Support 3D Character Models

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JadeJohnson Games™ is planning to implement three dimensional graphics into its final bowling simulator.  Dubbed, "JayBowl - LEGENDS", it will be the most ideal emulation of the sport known to man.  JadeJohnson himself actually hopes to incorporate some of the aspects of the upcoming "Creator's Update" for Microsoft's "Windows 10" operating system, directly into the game, so that if a character model decides to turn its body, it will still look like he or she in question, and not a cardboard cutout of said individual.

Obviously James's theory on how this all works has yet to be thoroughly tested before he will know how to use it for sure, but he seems pretty excited about the new capabilities he'll have as a SlideShowGame developer.  We'll keep you posted as to how it all goes down, right here at Motel Kumania!