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You Can Get "JayBowl - LEGENDS" Here!

Posted by James Johnson on August 14, 2017 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Please note: This game is over FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY ONE MEGABYTES (421MB)!  Therefore, this game may take a while to download slash launch.  Neither JadeJohnson Games™, or any of its parents, affiliates, or subsidiaries; is responsible for any damages to the game, the console that runs it, or the link to the game file, due to poor internet connection, file corruption, or the online misconduct of people who are out to give us a bad rep by changing the hyper text from our original link. 

With that warning out of the way though, please enjoy "JayBowl - LEGENDS"!

You Can Finally Give Your Midi Compositions That JadeJohnson Records Sound! (Font.)

Posted by Michael Nazhi on August 6, 2017 at 8:50 PM Comments comments (0)

JadeJohnson Records has officially released their full collection of midi SoundFonts!

What's most amazing about these SF2's is their realism!  When he first started "ProJect PianoSynth.sf2", Jade wasn't quite sure what he was doing, and it showed in his primitive beta bank, known as "Piano Synth Cross".  There were pops and cracks in the samples, and when using it to play a song, it sounded like a record player on its last leg.  It was only with all of the official variants, and there are a LOT of them (branded "Piano Synth LYVE™" and "Piano Synth Finale™"); that his engine's true beauty began to shine!

Which SoundFont is right for me?

There are quite the ton of SoundFonts available in the "Piano Synth™" lineup by JadeJohnson Records, so it's only fair that I give you a little advice as to which one matches your prefferred sound and style.

"Piano Synth LYVE™":

If you're into that concert grand sound but with a little zero point 25 semitone upthrust, this is the generation for you.  But within "Piano Synth LYVE™", there are a vast slew of options, each of whom sounds far different than any of the others.  Here's a basic mowdown.  It won't list EVERY one in the lineup, but you'll definitely get the idea later on as you discover unlisted editions on the download page.


If you like that rotary chorus effect used a lot in classic rock, then you will definitely love the way it sounds when placed on a piano instead of an electric guitar!  The only downside is that it tends to sound rather disturbing and offturning when the notes of a midi file contain a manually applied chorus effect.


If you enjoy the way a piano echoes in a concert hall, then this is the right sound for you!  The only drawback is that the reverberation of any bass notes will totally lower the volume of simultaneously playing treble ones.


This variant ensures that all the notes of a midi song are played at maximum velocity!  The only exception to this truth is when a composer sets the velocity of a note in the song at hand, which thusly overrides the power and volume of the notes in question.


Ever feel nostalgia and wish your music could sound like the Super Nintendo Entertainment System piano of your dreams?  Well now it can!  You can even set it to only play up to eight notes at a time, using "VirtualMidiSynth", if you ever want it to emulate the sound of the SNES, DIRECTLY!

"Piano Synth Finale™":

On the other hand, have you been searching and searching, all around the web, for that one SoundFont that magically emulates the timbre of the lovely, Heavenly, acoustic baby grand in your grandmother's basement from your childhood that you miss dearly and just wish you could have played one last time before she moved to a new home with a slightly smaller cellar and unfortunately had to leave "him" behind? 

Well, search no more!  This final edition of Piano Synth, officially dubbed "Piano Synth Finale™", shall PERFECTLY REVIVE that Grandma's Old House Nostalgia in all of us!  And just so you're aware, the "LYVE™" edition of "Piano Synth Finale™" does indeed serve the same purpose as the Concert variant of "Piano Synth LYVE™".

So with all those explanations out of the way now, please do enjoy the official "Piano Synth™" SoundFont collection by JadeJohnson Records; you can download it at:

What On Earth? JadeJohnson Games's New Tenth Generation Console Looks Exactly The Same As It's Ninth Gen Predecessor!

Posted by Michael Nazhi on June 21, 2017 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (0)

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (or "E3" for short) was in full swing one week ago today [the day on which this article was posted]. During the same week, JadeJohnson Games announced that they were hosting their own convention; but instead of all of its attendees gathering together and feeling crowded, uncomfortable, and maybe even a little claustrophobic, the event was, and still is, being held online.

"JadeCon 2017", as it is officially known, will last until the end of summer - September Twenty First. It is the first official convention run by the company, and hopes are that it will only become bigger and better as the years progress. As of right now, the event is invitation only, which makes it a small distance behind E3, since the latter's organizers actually sold many thousands of tickets to anyone who was interested in coming, for the first time this year. However, JadeCon just might be better anyway, because there are no attendence costs, no travel fees, and no lines for the first hand experiences on the show floor. Because of it's tight security and well established community guidelines, JadeCon also features no internet trolls either!

"Alright, you've told me that JadeCon exists, but what in the world is it exactly, and what's its purpose?"

Oh . . . Right. Ahem! JadeCon is an online convention during which JadeJohnson Games™, as well as all of its backing third parties, share all of the new and upcoming software, and sometimes even hardware, whose development they've been working hard on for the longest time. The show also features behind the scenes looks at their various processes and techniques of game design and engine utilization. On top of that, it's not just all about games, as JadeJohnson Records™, JadeJohnson Mobile™, JadeJohnson Films™, and all of the other companies who support JadeJohnson Industries™; all present their latest innovations on the show floor as well.

JadeCon 2017 surely started out as an, to some, odd experience for those of us who had been deeply engrossed in the rumor mill that, like with any other major new piece of technology, surrounded the announcement of something which, to our profound surprise, actually turned out not to be a whole new physical device, but essentially a powerfully innovative operating system for the already existing JadeJohnson Tale console.

It was especially weird when Jade came up onto the stage, holding a JadeJohnson TALE console, just like the ones we Jaders all emulate, and the crowd went almost completely silent, only for him to say that we basically already owned the new hardware, but only because it's no longer about how powerful the hardware is, but rather the software that fuels it.

As if things couldn't get strange enough, the livestream from the physical show floor was even more bizarre, because the video looked like some kind of old film from the eighties. We later found out why though: because apparently, Video High Speed (VHS) tapes are cool, and that's supposedly the message that JadeJohnson Games wants to spread with the release of its new 3D animation engine, officially dubbed, "JadeImension", but more on that a little later.

Anyway, "JadeJohnson TALE XG", the aforementioned new TALE console firmware, will finally give us Talers a native screen recording function that just so happens to be the exact same one used by JadeJohnson Games during their longplays and commentaries. It is a free screen recording software known as "ActivePresenter" that was originally used for educational, training, and tutorial purposes; but hey - so was PowerPoint, and we all know what JadeJohnson Games has created using that business, education, public speaking, and meeting oriented tool too!

The software won't come built directly into the TALE's firmware, but you will be able to download it from its makers's website using a link built right into TALE XG. And once installed to the default directory, you will be able to record your gameplay at any time, including either all or just part of your screen, even having the opportunity to edit your screen capture after you finish recording, and also customize the video format, picture quality, compression bit rate, frame rate, audio sample and bit rates, and pretty much all other aspects of your output file; all without needing to end your currently active session!

Now, what new innovations does TALE XG bring for Jaders, both players and developers? Well, it boasts the ability of anyone who wishes, to record video as they normally would, then divide it into two feeds (one for video and the other featuring the accompanying audio), and then to interleave them within their game engine. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. JadeJohnson TALE GX lets either or both feeds be modified before being inserted into the game engine, as long as certain guidelines are met, such as that the video and audio must match in length exactly, and that so must the feeds's durations to that of the slide to which they are linked.

Not only can you use real video footage in your TALE XG engines, but you may also add objects into your videos, and then animate them as if they were part of the recording in the first place. All of these features working together enable the game engine to potentially take scenes from real life, and then manipulate them as they're playing out in real time! These features can be experienced by both players and developers, enabling all kinds of new possibilities for both game play, and game design too!

JadeCon is still going on until September Twenty First Of Twenty Seventeen, and we will continue to deliver news regarding its various events as it continues; so stay tuned!

The Online Store For The JadeJohnson TALE Console Will Soon Meet Tenth Generation Requirements!

Posted by Shreya Ghoshal - श्रेया घोषाल on June 5, 2017 at 9:30 AM Comments comments (0)

"JadeJohnson Games™", the company behind the world famous Microsoft PowerPoint fueled dual purpose gaming console and emulation service platform which are collectively dubbed "The JadeJohnson TALE™", has always been about creating mind boggling innovation.

Its parent company, "JadeJohnson Industries™", as well as the latter's subsidiaries, including the former video game branch, as well as its gradually merging music label counterpart, "JadeJohnson Records™", are known for having created some of the most amazing art and technology, using programs that were not originally intended for use by such talented craftsmen.

Since 2014, JadeJohnson games, then known as "JayDee Games"; as well as its many predecessors, existing as early as Two Thousand And Seven; have used tools such as the "Microsoft Office" productivity suite, the free and open source digital audio workstation "Audacity", and the "Sound Recorder" utility found in Windows XP, to indirectly prove that literally anything is possible, even via methods that might be more unpopular and or time consuming than similarly powerful or even much more capable alternatives.

This summer, "JadeJohnson Games™" is at it aGain, with an update to the initially unsuccessful but later jaw droppingly groundbreaking online software store, game streaming service, and virtual classics emulation hub, "The JayShop". The console only site is getting a tenth generation upgrade, enabling the ability of its makers to change its in store music, but also granting this freedom to its members.

The store will also be renamed "The JadeShop™", to match its developers's rebrand from "JayDee Games" to "JadeJohnson Games™", as "JadeJohnson Industries™" as a whole was changed from its previous title of "JayDee Industries", to avoid copyright claims from similarly spoken businesses, such as "J.D. Power™" and the likes.

The updated variant of the service is slated for release on July Thirty First Of Twenty Seventeen.

"JayBowl", As A Saga, Has Officially Come To A Successful End, All Original Goals Having Been Achieved!

Posted by Michael Nazhi on May 23, 2017 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (0)

It all started in early Twenty Sixteen: a simple PowerPoint bowling game that took up the world by storm! A year and a half later, we've finally received the ultimate entry in what has since not only become a world renowned series, but also "an intuitively enjoyable research franchise" according to its developers.

The original goal of "JayBowl" was to provide a simple PowerPoint alternative to "Wii Sports: Bowling" which didn't emulate said game verbatim, but that instead gave everyone with a computer an accessible way via which to simulate a trip to their local bowling alley.

As players of the original title surely know, that first iteration was nothing like the end result of the achievement of said goal, let alone the final version of the game, "JayBowl Legends", that we know, love, and call home today. There was literally zero customization built in, and the game was both robotic and flawed at best. It also lacked greatly in resolution and colour density, giving many folks headaches with its infinitely looping single gameplay music track, and turning people off with its unbalanced audio volume and staticky sound playback.

At that point though, the company that was then known as "JayDee Games" was going through some very hard times, and desperately required an overhaul. Their "JayDee Hui U" console wasn't publicizing so well as it was, and, to make things worse, there were only two, count them, "Auggia Games™" (one) and "Valonia Entertainment™" (two); third party developers who were even the slightest bit interested in seeing what they could squeeze out of the incredibly underpowered hardware.

JayDee Games needed a plan, and to come up with it quickly, or they would be wiped off the grid forever. People were wondering where they'd gone, and some of the third party developers for the last generation console, "The JayDee Hui", even decided to leave the platform and its hosting brand in the dust altogether to avoid getting a bad reputation for having worked with a failing company. It was because of this crisis that JayDee Games knew it was running out of luck, and, most importantly, time.

However, on August Fifth Of Twenty Sixteen, as a last resort, the organization shoved out its next generation console an entire three to six months ahead of schedule, and "The JayDee TALE (Technology For Amusement, Leisure, And Entertainment)" was all they needed to restore the hope of third parties, who all rushed back to JayDee's side upon the sight of what the incredible hardware, which, to this day, is even more powerful than "The Nintendo SWITCH™", was capable of pulling off.

With the release of the TALE came new possibilities of software that could be developed, and, still at the top of the recently rebranded "JadeJohnson Games" lineup, the video game console, as well as its accompanying emulator, together accomplish all sorts of new and interesting feats, alongside the developers, from both first and third parties, who design titles for them.

Although the first game for the (now rebranded to) JadeJohnson TALE was still not released until Halloween of the device's release year, "Talers" had plenty to do within the stock bios, such as customizing the looks and behaviours of their "Stories" (or profiles) and creating "Episodes" (or custom invention data) to fill their accounts with, to make them unique to each user. The console lets players do and make what they themselves want at any time, and even lets them create their own full throttle games within the machine's built in operating system.

Sadly, the first official release for the TALE was quite underwhelming (we all know the floppy story of "JayBowl 2 - Still Standing"); but the very next day, our lives as "Jaders", the legitimate fans of "JadeJohnson Himself", changed forever, with that which, at the time of its launch, was the single most impressive video game ever made for Microsoft PowerPoint. Although "JayBowl - Legends" now replaces it at number one worldwide, the "JayBowl - Tournament Edition" series will surely live on in all of our hearts as one of the most amazing and inspiring titles to ever have existed on said platform.

As time advanced, JadeJohnson Games kept growing and improving, and so did "The JayBowl Saga", which, with all the time, code, and research that has gone into it, deserves to and from now on shall be called "The JayBowl Franchise". Although it still doesn't quite exactly match the amount of dynamicity offered by Nintendo's "Wii Sports: Bowling", that, after all, was not what (then) "JayDee Games™" originally envisioned as the goal of JayBowl. It was simply to make a similar experience available on PowerPoint, no matter how differently it would appear and or function in the end; and it can be seen, without a doubt, that with the completion and release of the final game in the franchise, "JayBowl - LEGENDS™", that goal has both fully and officially been reached.

"JadeJohnson", As He Is Now Officially Known World Wide, Plans To Make PowerPoint's First Ever VOCALOID Equivalent For The JadeJohnson TALE!

Posted by Shreya Ghoshal - श्रेया घोषाल on January 18, 2017 at 2:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Although VOCALOID™ has been around since Two Thousand And Four, singing computers have actually been around since all the way back in Nineteen Seventy Four, when a man and his buds successfully used the world's very first fully speech capable computer to order a pizza to enjoy as a celebration of their amazing invention. That very same computer was then used to sing a basic song, and even though it lacked both vibrato and tremolo (the latter being amplitude modulation, not insane guitar pitch bending with a bridge system of any kind), it was able to stay on key, and it even did so without missing a single beat!



As for VOCALOID™, the technology still does have a way to go in terms of realism, but the right listener would most likely say that said brand of software may have long since surpassed that old clunker from The Seventies. However, I myself do not quite think that Vocaloid is all the way there yet.



More often than not, there are very synthetic sounding, totally unwanted glitches in most, if not all VOCALOIDs' vowel sounds, caused by a form of automatic compression that is unfortunately applied to the originally recorded samples if the repitched or altered output is too different from the source audio.



That all being said, we Jaders's PowerPoint idol, "JadeJohnson Himself", says that he has officially found a way to permanently eradicate all that nasty compression that daunts composers who use literally every other singing synthesis based virtual instrument out there.



Dubbed "JadeLoid™", after James's nickname of course, this new synthesizer is said to work by using raw vocal samples taken straight out of the many acapella tracks he's released under his record label. He produces incredibly high quality, clean, professional vocals, each one oozing its own style, class, emotion, and even attractiveness.



Many other digital lyric generation programs have to be told what style to sing in for each and every word, note, or even individually pronounced phoneme, a level of customization that is believed by their developers to enable the possibility of a much more humanlike nature, but which, in retrospect, has ended up collectively giving these pieces of software a bad reputation for being too complex for a novice to fully comprehend, let alone not be overwhelmed by when opening up their preferred interface for the first time.



On the other hand though, according to Jade himself, writing songs with "JadeLoid™" will feel as intuitive as breathing, and yet just as capable as, if not more so than, even The VOCALOID™ Engine franchise by YAMAHA® itself. James claims, and not because the latter clause rhymes, that all of the humanization will be controlled by his engine itself, so that everything on which the user must focus shall solely consist of choosing, pitching, and timing lyrics. The days of needing to stare at a piano roll and meticulously mouse in all the fine tuning are FINALLY OVER!



I don't know about you, but I am ALREADY looking forward to the day when I can get my delicate hands on a copy of this new engine, and I can't wait to see what I can do with the very vocals of my number one favourite idol of all time! Are you guys excited too? Don't be afraid to comment below. With your One Antemeridian news for Wednesday January Eighteenth Of Twenty Seventeen, this is Shreya Ghoshal, signing off.

"JayBowl - LEGENDS" Will Support 3D Character Models

Posted by gguru1 on December 17, 2016 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)

JadeJohnson Games™ is planning to implement three dimensional graphics into its final bowling simulator.  Dubbed, "JayBowl - LEGENDS", it will be the most ideal emulation of the sport known to man.  JadeJohnson himself actually hopes to incorporate some of the aspects of the upcoming "Creator's Update" for Microsoft's "Windows 10" operating system, directly into the game, so that if a character model decides to turn its body, it will still look like he or she in question, and not a cardboard cutout of said individual.

Obviously James's theory on how this all works has yet to be thoroughly tested before he will know how to use it for sure, but he seems pretty excited about the new capabilities he'll have as a SlideShowGame developer.  We'll keep you posted as to how it all goes down, right here at Motel Kumania!

Although Not Precisely Via The Exact Same Aspects, JayBowl 4 Will Definitely Be The Go To Bowling Simulator Of Literally All Time, Even Having Gone So Far As To Almost Completely Replace "Wii Sports - Bowling"!

Posted by Michael Nazhi on December 10, 2016 at 6:35 PM Comments comments (0)

First, there was the original "JayBowl", the PowerPoint Bowling Game That Took The World By Storm with its literally naturally realistic controls that made bowling possible any time, any where.  Closely modelled after "Wii Sports - Bowling", most typically referred to as, "Wii Bowl"; it was bound for success.  And succeed it surely did!

Then, there was "JayBowl 2 - Still Standing", seen as a disappointment to most of its players, due to its low quality and lack of serious innovation; especially since the whole thing was based upon a glitch in the pre updated release of the original game.  The length of the lifespan of "Still Standing" at the top of the lineup's how you say, "food chain", was very pathetic.  But its replacement DEFINITELY MORE than MADE UP for such a sad failure of a launch.

Just a single day after "JayBowl 2 - Still Standing" flopped, even going far enough not to receive a single download from the (then) "JayDee Games" fan page; JayDee (now officially known as "JadeJohnson", or simply, "Jade") gave us (what was at that time) a brand new take on our beloved bowling simulator, this original variant of which, even to this very day, never ceases to invoke sheer awe at how something so powerful could have possibly been generated in a PowerPoint compatible format!  That very reboot was, and still is, "JayBowl - Tournament Edition"!  The freaking thing has full quality, television grade commentary that is even contextually aware of what score you get, DIRECTLY!  As the pins go back up.  I mean, the first time I played this gosh darned theng, my jaw dropped wide open.  Like, dude!  The game talks, AND; it talks a WHOLE FREAKING LOT!  How could you make all that insanely high quality commentary fit in a measly little PowerPoint file!  Even though I've memorized most of what the commentators say by now, their meer existance in the game will always baffle me to no end whatsoever!

And yet, it still gets even better!  Once the "Tournament Edition" engine was made into its own official series, we saw the launch of "JayBowl 2 - Still Standing (Tournament Edition)", which basically just updated the original sequel to the T.E. Engine, but was still a huge improvement nevertheless, since it proved that (pre re brand) JayDee Games really knew what they were doing and could TRULY be TRUSTED as a LEGITIMATE GAME COMPANY who ACTUALLY CARED about its FANS, and NOT JUST about the MONEY that funded the time and research that went into the development of their revolutionarily innovative technology!  Although the game itself was literally nothing more than what fans would have expected from the Tournament Edition of the former flop of the franchise, it was "JayBowl 2 - Still Standing (Tournament Edition)" that gave most "Jaders" (The Official Name For JadeJohnson's biggest, truest, and most loyal fanatics) the very foundation upon which to build and house their most pure, undivided trust of and loyalty to James's organization as a whole, including the parent company, (Then JayDee Industries), as well as the latter's other two subsidiaries (formerly known as "JayDee Records" and "JayDee Mobile" before the rebrand).

However, even though The JayBowl Series was so glorious in all that it was, there was still not much that could be done in the way of customization.  Shortly before the rebranding of "JayDee Games" to "JadeJohnson Games Incorporated", the since heavily more popular game makers released something of a surprise, with "JayBowl 3 - COLOURFUL COLLISION".  Even though the original "JayBowl 2 - Still Standing" died as soon as it came out, it did give players the first wave of customization elements to ever exist in the franchise.  You could import compatible Mii™ characters almost directly from any "JayBowl Compatible Nintendo® 3DS™ Family System".  Although not all Miis worked harmoniously with the game, and although you also couldn't import Miis from any of the handhelds in the "New Nintendo® 3DS™" lineup, the systems and avatars that DID work always functioned correctly, regardless of creator, name, birthday, unit region, or toy model.  "JayBowl 3 - COLOURFUL COLLISION" added support for the customization of both bowling pins, and balls too.  Players could even pick which individual pins to customize, and which stock pins they wished to leave as they were.

After that, we were all pretty certain that we'd reached the end of "The JayBowl Days".  There haven't been any new releases in, or updates to, the franchise since COLOURFUL COLLISION's T.E. release.  But "JayBowl" isn't going to be just a trilogy.  That's right, we're getting a FULL, FOUR GAME SAGA!  Or maybe five depending on how you look at it.  The final game in the "JayBowl" franchise isn't going to be one game, but TWO!  Think of them both as JadeJohnson Games's "JayBowl" equivalent to GAME FREAK's and NINTENDO's recently released (as of when this was originally posted) "PoKéMoN SUN And MOON" duo.  That is, two different titles with similar gameplay and fundamentally identical ideas, both of which don't need to be played to understand and or win one or the other alone; but with slightly divergent backstories, neither of which can be fully experienced solely by playing one of the games without dabbling in the other.

On one hand, you can frolic with a flock of friends in "JayBowl 4 - PEACEFUL MODERNITY".  It takes the best parts of the Tournament Editions of both "JayBowl 1" and "JayBowl 3", and mashes them up into the perfect blend with a shiny new colour order applied to the words on its title screen.  Other than that, as well as the long awaited addition of gutter balls, not much really happens in this version of the game.  It's intended for those of us Jaders who just want the ability to roll gutter balls.  That being said though, it truly does an excellent job at showing off that which its name clearly indicates, and I highly recommend it for all you casual gamers out there who just like to play "whatever, wherever".

On the other end of the spectrum, you can party 'til the virtual house quite literally burns down, in "JayBowl 4 - REVENGEFUL ORTHODOXY", a mashup of all the best elements from "JayBowl 2" and "JayBowl 3", with a few new twists.  It's a quite spookily thrilling spin away from the norms of the entire rest of the franchise, the former in which you are greeted with an intensely lit inferno that threatens to shoot flames out of your screen!  Oh, and did I mention that the fire animation is made completely out of red, orange, amber, and yellow bowling pins?  On top of that, the text on the title and loading screens shakes so rapidly and violently that if you didn't know any better, you'd swear that your display was on its last leg, ready to blow up, and incinerate anyone and or anything that got too close right along with it!  To add to the intensity of the pure feeling of armageddon felt when playing this game, the normally human commentators have been replaced with INCREDIBLY HECKISH SOUNDING ROBOT CLONES OF THEMSELVES!  Is ANYONE safe?

It really shows that JadeJohnson Games LITERALLY put EVERYTHING they EVER HAD into this grand release, because they also made old school non Tournament Edition variants of the titles in this pair as well!  Plus, in all four games, you can now change the colour of the bowling alley!  That means that LITERALLY the WHOLE ENTIRE GAME is FINALLY, FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE, which was JadeJohnson Games's goal from way back at the beginning of the series with the original "JayBowl" launch that started it all; back when they were still called "JayDee Games"!

I can't wait to see what you all think about "THE ULTIMATE BOWLING SIMULATOR", when it releases on Sunday, December Eleventh Of Twenty Sixteen!  Yeah, you're reading that right!  If it's still Saturday wherever you are, THAT'S TOMORROW!  Goodnight, and PLEASE ENJOY THE BEST POWERPOINT SPORTING SIMULATION GAME EVER!

Oh My Gosh! I'm Totally Addicted To JadeJohnson Games's Latest Sports Simulator Series, "JayBowl - Tournament Edition"!

Posted by Cat Valentine on November 10, 2016 at 1:35 AM Comments comments (0)

I'm not kidding!  This past spring, "JadeJohnson Games", still known as "JayDee Games" back then; released a true first in the realm of an up and coming hobby called, "PowerPointGaming", also referred to as "SlideShowGaming".  It was a hyper realistic gyroscopic bowling simulator titled, "JayBowl".  It could tell how properly you swung your arm, and it even featured digitized speech that announced the number of pins that fell with each throw.  Needless to say, it was a beyond equal competitor to one of Nintendo™'s greatest hits, "Wii Sports - Bowling".

A single date before The Day Of The Dead earlier this year, James's company made an incredibly impressive comeback with "JayBowl - Tournament Edition", ending its horrendously problematic prolonged hiatus period, simply referred to as, "The Great JayDee" (or JadeJohnson) "Crash Era", during which the company server desperately required severe attention and repairs that cost the brand a huge sum of money, but succeeded in the end.

"Jade" and crew actually did release a single game on Halloween just the night before, which was the promised "JayBowl 2 - Still Standing", but it nevertheless balanced straightly upright on the exact same engine as the original "JayBowl" from this past cherry blossom season.  The only exceptions were added support for Mii importation from most Nintendo 3DS Family handhelds; a new system voice modelled after that of an old personal digital assistant for the blind released in Nineteen Eighty Nine; and a new soundtrack that was triply based upon the enormously different sound sets of each and all of the original Nintendo Entertainment System from Nineteen Eighty Three (or at least if you're going by Japanese release dates), the iKuma CAMEL (ComeOn All Mortals, Enjoy Life!) console made by the predecessor of "JayDee Games" itself which was formerly known as "iKuma Entertainment Of India Incorporated", and the current brand's most popular SoundFont dubbed, "Piano Synth X", where the "X" is pronounced "Cross". 

Other than those exact same three listed features, the software in question is literally completely identical to its first quarter predecessor; and some might say that even though the original JayBowl felt sixteen bit in atmospheric nature; because of the NES like music and perfectly robotic sounding computerized system voice, this sequel might honestly feel like it only utilizes eight of those sixteen available processes, even though the console that runs it can actually handle an entire whopping total of two hundred and fifty six simultaneous computations, or five hundred and twelve, depending on whether the title is being played on the JadeJohnson Hui, which can undertake the former, or the JayDee Hui U which can endure the latter.

Yeah, "JayBowl 2 - Still Standing", or at least not on its original Halloween release date, wasn't all that powerful, and it showed, especially in its last generation code.  A quick look into the game's programming shows that it was only available for the Hui and Hui U, and on top of that, there were even lines of development jargon that instructed the game to check which console it was running on before it loaded up, as well as to scale back the graphical quality and frame rate when playing on the newer machine of the two.

That night, a lot of the JadeJohnson fans, officially christened "Jaders", were quite the lot disappointed by the lack of modernity that was truly instantly discoverable as soon as they booted up the game.  But out of the blue the very next afternoon, out came "JayBowl - Tournament Edition", this amazing game that swept the world by storm.  Although The "JayDee TALE (Technology For Amusement, Leisure, And Entertainment)", JadeJohnson Games's take on a ninth generation video game system, was released earlier this summer, along with its accompanying emulative software engine for people who couldn't afford an actual console of said monetary value and or computational greatness, there hadn't yet been even a single game put out for it.  Well, we Jaders finally got our first TALE title on November First Of Twenty Sixteen, and that just so happened to be what could someday be labelled as, "The Single Bowling Game Series To End All Other Franchises In The Same Genre"!

"JayBowl - Tournament Edition has beautiful visuals, it supports HDMI display output by default, and it has an updated control system that works across many more platforms than just iOS, which never really worked well with it anyway.  Now you can bowl using a touch display, a mouse, a Nintendo™ Wii Remote, your very own actual human voice, an iPhone, an iPad, or an Android smart device, the latter of which offers far more superior controller customization support and disability accomodation than iOS by a long shot!  On top of that, the game can be played by an infinite number of players and or teams, all at the exact same time, each separate player bowling via the controller of his or her individual choice, and every one of them managed by just a single console!  What really makes this game shine though, is the commentary.  That's right, "JayBowl - Tournament Edition" has commentary!  And I don't just mean that short and unfeeling kind of stuff you'd find in any of the newer titles that run on the "Sam Versus Cat" engine; I'm talking dually voice acted, television grade, contextually aware, high quality, warm, emotional, positive, unprejudiced, encouraging, helpful, amiable, appropriate, family friendly, actual commentary that literally makes you feel more like you're watching a televised bowling event, rather than playing a game that simulates your average local bowling alley!

Not only did James release "JayBowl - Tournament Edition" alone, but he also adjacently launched an updated variant of "JayBowl 2 - Still Standing", and both of these titles are fully, and only (or at least so far anyway), both designed and advertised to work with The JayDee TALE!  That being said, you can bet your lucky stars that playing this game yourself shall blow you away!  Jade even said that he plans to release the game on SlideShare, where it'll attract an even larger audience who should all be impressed that such a powerfully and accurately realistic bowling simulator could ever possibly have been achieved in a software that is normally used to make static slide shows, presentations, and info graphics that lack vibrancy, motion, and or audio; and always follow the same fixed and manually advanced order!  I know it's cliché, but I really do recommend "JayBowl - Tournament Edition" to every single man, woman, and child.  It's endless hours of fun, and I truly struggle to even imagine what the next edition of the game will enTALE!

Jade's First Tests Have Officially Ended In Failure, But "The Rotary Engine" Still Has Hope!

Posted by Annie THE ANNIEMON Wilson on August 18, 2016 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (0)

It's official: James Johnson now goes by any one of three names - James, JayDee, or Jade.  It is also confirmed that all of his fans have been collectively dubbed, "The Jaders", by James himself!

Earlier this summer, James was interviewed by an affiliate of The Kumanian News Team.  We wanted to know what kinds of games he would be releasing this year and next.  Among the list of shooters, sports simulators, and rhythm games; was a rather interesting game development system that, based on its description, seems to harken back to the days of the Nintendo 64 and its three dimensional polygon graphics.  This tool, known as "The Rotary Engine", theoretically works by using a giant sphere as the foundational shape of the game world, and then constantly sub rendering smaller topographical details on top of it as the in game camera moves about.  These processes would happen in the game's scrolling memory, before the details in question appeared on screen.  This feature would enable the faster loading of moderately small elements such as trees and hills, and yet would still ensure that larger items like buildings and mountains would appear in their whole forms regardless of the rate of background loading activity.

James just finished running a test of a prototypical model of "The Rotary Engine", but the results turned out to have been far less than satisfying.  There were large gaps in certain areas of the game world because no matter which optimization scheme he utilized, there were always certain items that wouldn't load quickly enough, resulting in transparent areas in the view shown by the in game camera.

James did say that today's test was incredibly experimental since it was the first time he's ever toyed around with virtual topography, but he says that although the realism of the graphics will need to be sacrificed a bit, his second attempt at his approach to three dee graphics should render far more accurately, especially since it will feature a transparent atmosphere that can be recoloured in the actual engine of whichever JayDee title it is applied to.

So Jaders rejoyce!  There will be plenty more JayDee games, and even an all new series of "JayDee Legacy Emulators"; coming out during both the second half of Twenty Sixteen, and of course all of Twenty Seventeen.  With your seven postmeridian Kumanian News for August Eighteenth Of Twenty Sixteenth, this is Annie The AnnieMon Wilson, signing off.

JayDee To Gather Resources For "Single Action Game Boy" Engine

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For years, "Jade", as his newer fans have begun to call him, has wanted to make a solid first person shooter that combined the dual wielding capabilities of "Golden Eye", with the fast paced flyover combat of "Star Fox".  Now, we just might be seeing that dream of his become a true reality.

JayDee posted on Facebook that he might get started developing the three dee models of the various in game items that would give the title an incredibly immersive look and feel.  He did admit that JayDee Games still has a long way to go before they start creating virtual reality experiences or anything of that sort, but this is going to be the first step the company has ever actually taken in that direction.  The game will have incredibly natural controls, if done correctly, which should enable the player to feel like he or she is literally in the game world instead of wherever they happen to be playing the game in real life.

James plans to incorporate a gyroscopic based, three dimensional mapping system into the game engine, which should enable the game world to be very deep and realistic in look and feel.  He says he still has to run some tests to see if the game engine supports the types of 3D models he wishes to use, but if it does, then he really wants to go all out.

Ever since the birth of JayDee Games, the majority of its products have been aimed at testing to see what the software company could do to please its fans on a rather indirect basis.  They'd release a game, ask the fans what they want to see happen in that game world, and then release those newly requested features in a software update to the title.  However, for one of its first times ever, the developers will finally put their fans first, with an all new custom content engine that will allow players to import custom content directly into the game.  Being a first person shooter, most of these custom imports would result in really cool weapons, ammunition, characters, and skins for the game, but "Jade" does proclaim that he wants to see custom object models in the game too - objects that are not weapons by default, such as furniture, since most of the game's map will be located indoors.

JayDee Games as a whole is most excited about the new possibilities of game engines presented by the colossal upping of the upload file size limit by Facebook which applies to pages such as the exclusive "JayDee Games Community" on the social network.  Being a reporter though, I must respect privacy policies, so the actual name of the company's private group may not be shared here.  "Jade" says he can't wait to bring some of his SlideShare titles to "The Book Of Faces", as he playfully refers to his favourite social network; and according to an anonymous source of mine, he has already released his most influentially popular title, "The Fims - All In One", to the timeline of his company's official fanpage.

Back on topic here, "Single Action Game Boy" is rumored to be an amazing title, and I know that I will be downloading a copy of the game when it launches sometime in Twenty Seventeen.  I hope I won't be the only one in that conversation, because this game is going to be off the charts if it's done right!

JayDee Games Remains Positive About All Of Their Server Issues.

Posted by Shion Kaito on June 30, 2016 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (0)

JayDee Games has been rather well known, in a bad way, for its many server problems.  It all started last year, when the JayDee Games server went out for the first time ever, initiating what many people have woefully come to call, "The Great JayDee Crash Of Twenty Fifteen".  The company did get its servers back up and running, only to have them knocked off the grid again two months later.

James, the company CEO, did admit that both occasions were his fault, and that he promises to work very hard to make sure that such a long crash period does not happen for a third time, even as the second one has not yet ended.

Although we fans of his are all still waiting for him to get back onto his feet, AND STAY THERE, I did interview one of his associates and inquire as to his upcoming releases - and I did get an answer.

First, we will be receiving an update to the Big Sean Engine, in which all of the rooms will be linked by door, allowing Sean and his assistant to move around the house while the zombies are trying to attack them.  This will awaken the room escape like, lively look and feel that James originally envisioned within the game engine.

Secondly, the beta version of "Big Sean - ONLY 2" will be completed, giving us the full sequel experience as we have dreamt of it since day one of knowing that we would be getting a sequel in the first place.  There is currently a beta version of the game available via JayDee Express, but only JayDee's personal friends, family, and fans currently have access to both that "public" beta, as well as the gameplay video associated with the project.

Thirdly, James says that he has a schematic for the entire code for a first person shooter in his head, the actual likes of which is titled, "Single Action GameBoy".  It's a twist on almost every other FPS out there, but instead of using a fire arm that shoots bullets or shells, you use a Nintendo handheld that shoots credit cards.  He says that the idea came from this video that he wanted to record on his Nintendo 3DS system, but that he couldn't quite achieve, because he had no way to steadily hold the camera and the Game Boy, and reload the weapon, at the same time.  Hence, to make up for the lack of a video, he thought he would make this game engine, which would enable himself to virtually perform all three tasks at once, by using the game's artificial intelligence to make up for his real world loss of vision at birth - which is why he wouldn't be able to have seen where the projectile had flown off to after firing.

Because the first title in the series did so well among rhythm game lovers, James then wishes to make, "JayBoogie 2017", an obvious parody of, "Just Dance 2017".  The JayBoogie series was made specifically so that players could create their own content to put into the game, and structure the gameplay to any format they desired.  It is a big hit among "The Jaders", as they are more and more widely known.

Upon the completion of that project, JayDee Games hopes to release its first attempt at a "Fatal Frame" parody, in which you use the in game camera to take pictures of ghosts right before they try to attack you.  If done correctly, you will be able to proceed to the next room, but if not, then you will instantly die, and then you will have to survive the hooror all over again to get back to where you were when you lost your last life, and hopefully past that spot there after.  It will basically be just like Fatal Frame, but with a "Do Or Die" difficulty.  Jaders are already saying that this game will have loads of potential, but we have yet to see a trailer that proves whether they are right or not.

Sixthly, "JayBowl 2 - Still Standing" will come out.  It is a sequel based on a glitch in the first title; where instead of telling you how many pins you knocked down, the game's announcer voice will tell you how many pins are still standing, with a special sound to represent a strike, just like in the original game.  James plans to add a score board to the top half of the screen to utilize the currently blackened real estate up there.  He claims that it will not tally up the total amount of pins knocked down, but will simply display the number of pins you previously left standing, to reiterate the announcer for people who can not hear, or for those of us who play with their volume turned off.

Seventhly, James wants to make some kind of new three dimensional role playing game that would use a new type of approach to its graphics, which he calls, "The Rotary Engine".  It places all the game's various elements on random points of a giant sphere, and then places the in game camera on a random viewing degree of that sphere, and uses zoom and rotation effects to change what the player sees while navigating the immense game world.  He didn't say whether there would be any enemies in this game, but he did say that this concept would strictly be highly experimental, and that he couldn't wait to see what his fans thought of the final product.  He also said that it would be something reminiscent of the "Super Mario Galaxy" engine, ideally.

Eighthly, since it was such a huge success, James hopes to make a story based fighting game that runs on the "Sam Versus Cat" engine, called, "JayMatch".  In this game, you would fight off a bunch of wanna be's, in order to prove to the world that you are the best and truest fighter on Earth.  There would be some levels where all you had to do is win, and some in which you actually had to perform a certain move, or a specific combination of attacks, in order to defeat your opponent.  In any case, once you beat a level, you would unlock the next part of the story.  The game would be aimed towards much older audiences, and it would be quite the lot unsafe for children, due to its constant violence, blood, and suggestive themes - the latter of which would mostly simply occur in the dialogue of the story.  However, because it ran on the "SVC" engine, it would obviously still support multiplayer input, making it great for group workout sessions, parties, practice sparring, and of course everybody else who was thirteen or older - possibly seventeen if the title's rating were to go up due to the sheer amount of violence found within the game play.

Ninth up will be the long awaited "JayHoops".  JayHoops is going to be a simple basketball game in which you use gyroscopic controls to shoot baskets based on posture instead of angle, distance, and velocity.  The game will be able to tell if you are standing up straight, or if you are leaning to one or the other side, and it will be able to tell how straight your throws are by the way you move your elbows - even going so far as to be capable of knowing if a player is shooting one handedly - and even recognizing the difference between left and right handed players and adjusting accordingly.

Tenthly, but certainly not finally, "Big Sean III - Ghost Wars", will be launched.  It will run on a totally new engine from the last two titles in the trilogy, and it will focus on better graphics, and more simultaneous animations, including animated background sprites.  After that, James will experiment with more three dee rendering styles, and see if he can't create remakes of the series that use an actual, interactive 3D map of his real, up to date house.  The series would feature tons of viewpoints that could not be observed in the original games, due to the limits of the top down perspective.  The zombies and ghosts will be able to come directly at you, instead of just passing under the floating camera, a feature which JayDee actually hopes to implement into Ghost Wars before creating this new fully immersive 3D world.

In order to show that he understands how all the angry Jaders feel about his server issues, James has stated that he may have found a highly inexpensive way to repair the servers at his own cost, enabling the faster, more fruitful, TRUE revival of his company back to the glory it was able to bask in BEFORE "The Great JayDee Crash Of Twenty Fifteen".  So now, all we can do is wait, hope, and pray - that all goes well for JayDee Games; because if it does, then James's company may just very well beat out ALL THREE of SONY, MICROSOFT, and Nintendo,, especially with the new console and emulator scheduled to come out this holiday season, codenamed, "The JayDee Kaitonium"!

Trump Or Dump: Will JayDee Games Survive?

Posted by Hatsune Miku on June 28, 2016 at 8:10 PM Comments comments (0)

From the looks of it, JayDee Games might not be able to prove itself worthy of being the next big thing in gaming.

A report that was leaked yesterday says that JayDeeIndustries is going to need a new server, and that could mean that its employees might need to learn how to use a completely new operating system and a totally different internal company member user interface.

Although this news is not necessarily new, it may cause shock to some of the employees over at JayDee, especially in the games sector, because they've been using the exact same development platform for the past several years.  This has not limited what they could do with their games at all, but the company CEO, James Johnson, doesn't think that he himself will like the change, because of the fact that learning how to efficiently use all of the new features will severely slow him down, even further than did the company's first overhall back in Twenty Twelve.

The positive thing about getting a new server though is that it might be able to process more data at once, resulting in the company's possible expansion.  "Jade", as James calls himself, has always dreamt of making JayDee Games the next company to become the number one game development brand in the world - and with Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft all slumping, one or two more than the others, he might have the ultimate chance of turning his dream into a reality if he plays his cards right.

But time is rather quickly running out.  On the timeline of the private JayDee Games group on Facebook, the company announced plans for a new console and emulator, as well as eight new video games, some of which will come out for the current collection of JayDee consoles and systems, and some of which will be exclusively offered on the brand's newest hardware.  Neither James or any of his associates felt inclined to comment when Kumanian News asked for input.  However, a generous family member of James's did say that she might be able to part with her server, since she never really used it; so that his amazing company could live on without much of a great interruption.

Kumanian News wants to know what you think.  Do you believe that JayDee Games has enough skill to make such a comeback that they'll top all the gaming brand charts?  Or do you think that there's no chance they'll make it in today's evolving entertainment economy?  Don't be afraid to comment below.  With your Seven O'clock news for Tuesday June Twenty Eighth Of Twenty Sixteen, this is Hatsune Miku, signing off.