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The Rules: Updated! (Please Read)

Posted by Kumakcqencia Juan Nazhi The First, Father Of Kumaria Juan Nazhi, Ol Mokcqa Du Lit Traib Kumeinien on April 12, 2012 at 4:25 PM

If you are a member of this site, there are some rules that you must always keep in mind whilst posting content here.  

 1. There is to be no inappropriate talk or posting of content anywhere on the site.  Disobedience of this rule will get you banned.


2. There is to be no off topic posting in the forums of any kind, except for in the lounge.  Off topic content found anywhere else will get you banned.


3. There is to be no intentional misflagging anywhere.  Anyone who flags a post that is completely appropriate will be banned.

4. There is to be no talking behind any specific person's back that has been banned or suspended anywhere on our site.  Doing this will firstly get you suspended for a week, and secondly get you banned.

5. There are to be no  potentially objectionably suggestive themes in anyone's posts or other content anywhere on the site.


 6. There is to be no posting of multiple copies of any content; however, you may post replies with quotes in the forums, and you may also post parts of your own content, as long as what you are posting does not duplicate over 40% of the original content, and as long as that content is your own.  You may not repost any part of anyone else's content, unless it is either in a reply containing a quote in the forums or permitted by the owner of that content through our private messaging service.


7. Do not disrespect anyone in either a post, a photo, an animated image or silent film or animation, in a video, or in a private message.  If we catch anyone posting disrespectful content, or if we get word of anyone doing so in a private message, the  rule breaker will be  suspended, and if again, banned.


8. You may minorly evoke topics regarding drugs and alcohol, violence, or blood and gore, but only where appropriate; however if you disobay rule number one whilst evoking any of the latter topics, you shall be banned!


 9.You may not make any rude comments about races, genders, ethnic groups, or people with disabilities, disorders, or syndromes at all.  Failure to follow this rule will result in a ban.


10. Follow all of the above nine rules and have fun!

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