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The Motel Kumania Database's Terms Of Use Agreement: Please Read This

Posted by Kumaria Juan Nazhi, Ol Mokcqa Du Lit Tdraib Kumeinien, (AKA The Blue Indian) on June 26, 2012 at 11:40 AM

Your conduct on this site has been only the best that we deem could ever be found on the internet; however, since it has not been done thus far, we would like to admonish you, so that you know exactly what to do and what not to do directly, instead of making inferences as to what you may think is right.  Therefore, here is our Terms Of Use Agreement; please read through this carefully, and if you do not understand something, please ask another user, or send a private message to Kumaria Juan Nazhi' for confirmation:

Safety And Legality Policy

no files may contain inappropriate content, neither may they contain possible electronic threats, viruses, spyware, spybots, hackware, glitchware, mallware, trackers, bugs, or ANY other kind of programming that is or could be in any way harmful to the electronic environment, as well as any electronic device of any kind.  Please follow all copyright rules.  Do not use content that is not yours without the permission of its original creator or creators.  If there is no way that you can obtain permission from the creator or creators of any certain element of any given content, do not upload that specific element to this database.  If you can not isolate and or remove any and all violative elements from a given element of content, YOU MAY NOT UPLOAD ANY PART OF THAT CONTENT TO THIS DATABASE.  To do so is a direct violation of international copyright laws, and may result in temporary OR permanent suspension from your i Kuma membership.  This suspension includes an immediate removal of your Motel Kumania account, all files you have uploaded, and all comments or other content you have posted.  Do not post any content that is not appropriately rated; this includes games, e-books, movies, videos, animations, presentations, photos, and any other medias unspecified here in.  No content rated above the following restrictions may be uploaded to our database.  Games: T; no games that have a higher rating than TEEN may be uploaded to this database.  Movies, videos, animations, and presentations: PG; No movies, videos, animations, or presentations whose rating excedes that of Parental Guidance may be uploaded to this database.  Books, essays, and other documents: Young Adult; No documents containing content that excedes a level of appropriacy for people having under 13 years of age may be uploaded to this database.  Other media: no media of any kind may be uploaded to this database if it contains material that is inappropriate for people under the age of 13.  


Content guidelines:

No content uploaded to this database may contain any foul or otherwise questionable language, sexual references, or extreme sexual material.  Violence is allowed, but not recommended.  Any content containing any swearwords, cusswords, threats toward any and or all existant individuals, groups, races, ethnic groups, businesses, organizations, corporations, or any other masses, or tutorials or walkthroughs for criminal behaviors MAY NOT BE UPLOADED TO THIS DATABASE.  Failure to follow these or any above guidelines shall result in the certainty of permanent expulsion from Motel Kumania, as well as from all affiliated services.  Violators may also face civil or criminal penalties, depending on the severity of any and or all offenses.


Thank you for reading our Terms Of Use Agreement; we hope you follow ALL of our guidelines, or you shall pay an immense penalty.  There is no checkbox to tick, but we hope that the lack there of has no negative influence upon the decisions you make as a member of Motel Kumania, or any of its accompanying services.  Now, you may go on and enjoy the rest of your day; KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

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