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How Our Economy Works

Posted by Tiku Renazh Binara' on July 7, 2012 at 10:05 PM

The Kumanian Tribal Website's store is one that is special in many ways, but the most unique of these ways is our Casey, or Kuma-Currency, system.  You may ask, "What are Caseys?"  Well, Caseys, which can be spelled in a variety of ways, are virtual coins used to replace actual money, that are earned by taking surveys on games and other products by top brands, as well as by third party companies, which you can use to buy rewards from our online store to either download to your computer or have delivered straight to your door, both being free of actual charge.  However, there are only certain users whom can have rewards delivered to them, based on their proximity to an iKuma Incorporated base.  The users who do not live near enough to an iKuma Incorporated base can not take advantage of this special reward program, however, they can still download electronic rewards to their computers or mobile devices.  The compatibility of each electronic product depends on the basis of the operating system on which a user's machine runs. 

When the Casey system first started, there was no economic balance what so ever; a few people would be earning Caseys, but the ones who didn't know about our online reward system, or those who didn't have any of the products we offer surveys on in our database to register, had nothing to spend at all.  It was then that one of our users, Miranda Taylor Cosgrove to be in fact, spoke up about this problem.  She decided that we should have a kind of communist economy, where everyone makes the same amount of money in order to work together towards the achievment of monetary success.  Thus, the Global Miranda Balance, or GMB, was developed.  The Global Miranda balance, also simply known as our Miranda Balance, is the average balance, in Caseys, of every user on the site.  In our Miranda Economy, whenever someone earns Caseys, our GMB, or simply our MB, goes up; however when someone spends Caseys, our economy suffers.  Basically, the more caseys we all work together to earn while spending as few as possible, the better for everyone.  That is how our economy works.  Please earn as much as you can, and spend as little as possible, and our economy will grow to become healthier than the global economy of real life; that is our goal!

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