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Ariana Grande - The Final Song Has Officially Been Canceled

Posted by Shion Kaito on July 15, 2015 at 9:55 AM

Ariana Grande Butera, the singer slash actress upon whose life the game in question was loosely based, had done some not so nice things in the past week or so before this article was posted.  She went behind the counter of Wolfie's Donuts and licked donuts which were then unknowingly sold to customers by the shop salesperson, she said some very inappropriate words and made some very racist comments against all Americans, and then she had the audacity to blame it all on childhood obesity.

So, unfortunately, but rightfully, James has cancelled her would be game, "Ariana Grande - The Final Song", to show that if you get onto his bad side, along with those of all of your fans, then there are no promotions for you by any game makers who work for JayDee Games Incorporated, or any of its subsidiaries.

So what will the world renound slide show game developer do now?  Well, James states that he plans to improve "Jayspeech", the communication aid program that he released back in February.  He wants to add more voice banks to it, as well as improve the one it currently comes with.  James might even make a total change to the software's layout and style of speech that would make it easier to understand, both for users' eyes and minds, and for listeners' ears.

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