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Trump Or Dump: Will JayDee Games Survive?

Posted by Hatsune Miku on June 28, 2016 at 8:10 PM

From the looks of it, JayDee Games might not be able to prove itself worthy of being the next big thing in gaming.

A report that was leaked yesterday says that JayDeeIndustries is going to need a new server, and that could mean that its employees might need to learn how to use a completely new operating system and a totally different internal company member user interface.

Although this news is not necessarily new, it may cause shock to some of the employees over at JayDee, especially in the games sector, because they've been using the exact same development platform for the past several years.  This has not limited what they could do with their games at all, but the company CEO, James Johnson, doesn't think that he himself will like the change, because of the fact that learning how to efficiently use all of the new features will severely slow him down, even further than did the company's first overhall back in Twenty Twelve.

The positive thing about getting a new server though is that it might be able to process more data at once, resulting in the company's possible expansion.  "Jade", as James calls himself, has always dreamt of making JayDee Games the next company to become the number one game development brand in the world - and with Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft all slumping, one or two more than the others, he might have the ultimate chance of turning his dream into a reality if he plays his cards right.

But time is rather quickly running out.  On the timeline of the private JayDee Games group on Facebook, the company announced plans for a new console and emulator, as well as eight new video games, some of which will come out for the current collection of JayDee consoles and systems, and some of which will be exclusively offered on the brand's newest hardware.  Neither James or any of his associates felt inclined to comment when Kumanian News asked for input.  However, a generous family member of James's did say that she might be able to part with her server, since she never really used it; so that his amazing company could live on without much of a great interruption.

Kumanian News wants to know what you think.  Do you believe that JayDee Games has enough skill to make such a comeback that they'll top all the gaming brand charts?  Or do you think that there's no chance they'll make it in today's evolving entertainment economy?  Don't be afraid to comment below.  With your Seven O'clock news for Tuesday June Twenty Eighth Of Twenty Sixteen, this is Hatsune Miku, signing off.

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