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JayDee Games Remains Positive About All Of Their Server Issues.

Posted by Shion Kaito on June 30, 2016 at 5:55 PM

JayDee Games has been rather well known, in a bad way, for its many server problems.  It all started last year, when the JayDee Games server went out for the first time ever, initiating what many people have woefully come to call, "The Great JayDee Crash Of Twenty Fifteen".  The company did get its servers back up and running, only to have them knocked off the grid again two months later.

James, the company CEO, did admit that both occasions were his fault, and that he promises to work very hard to make sure that such a long crash period does not happen for a third time, even as the second one has not yet ended.

Although we fans of his are all still waiting for him to get back onto his feet, AND STAY THERE, I did interview one of his associates and inquire as to his upcoming releases - and I did get an answer.

First, we will be receiving an update to the Big Sean Engine, in which all of the rooms will be linked by door, allowing Sean and his assistant to move around the house while the zombies are trying to attack them.  This will awaken the room escape like, lively look and feel that James originally envisioned within the game engine.

Secondly, the beta version of "Big Sean - ONLY 2" will be completed, giving us the full sequel experience as we have dreamt of it since day one of knowing that we would be getting a sequel in the first place.  There is currently a beta version of the game available via JayDee Express, but only JayDee's personal friends, family, and fans currently have access to both that "public" beta, as well as the gameplay video associated with the project.

Thirdly, James says that he has a schematic for the entire code for a first person shooter in his head, the actual likes of which is titled, "Single Action GameBoy".  It's a twist on almost every other FPS out there, but instead of using a fire arm that shoots bullets or shells, you use a Nintendo handheld that shoots credit cards.  He says that the idea came from this video that he wanted to record on his Nintendo 3DS system, but that he couldn't quite achieve, because he had no way to steadily hold the camera and the Game Boy, and reload the weapon, at the same time.  Hence, to make up for the lack of a video, he thought he would make this game engine, which would enable himself to virtually perform all three tasks at once, by using the game's artificial intelligence to make up for his real world loss of vision at birth - which is why he wouldn't be able to have seen where the projectile had flown off to after firing.

Because the first title in the series did so well among rhythm game lovers, James then wishes to make, "JayBoogie 2017", an obvious parody of, "Just Dance 2017".  The JayBoogie series was made specifically so that players could create their own content to put into the game, and structure the gameplay to any format they desired.  It is a big hit among "The Jaders", as they are more and more widely known.

Upon the completion of that project, JayDee Games hopes to release its first attempt at a "Fatal Frame" parody, in which you use the in game camera to take pictures of ghosts right before they try to attack you.  If done correctly, you will be able to proceed to the next room, but if not, then you will instantly die, and then you will have to survive the hooror all over again to get back to where you were when you lost your last life, and hopefully past that spot there after.  It will basically be just like Fatal Frame, but with a "Do Or Die" difficulty.  Jaders are already saying that this game will have loads of potential, but we have yet to see a trailer that proves whether they are right or not.

Sixthly, "JayBowl 2 - Still Standing" will come out.  It is a sequel based on a glitch in the first title; where instead of telling you how many pins you knocked down, the game's announcer voice will tell you how many pins are still standing, with a special sound to represent a strike, just like in the original game.  James plans to add a score board to the top half of the screen to utilize the currently blackened real estate up there.  He claims that it will not tally up the total amount of pins knocked down, but will simply display the number of pins you previously left standing, to reiterate the announcer for people who can not hear, or for those of us who play with their volume turned off.

Seventhly, James wants to make some kind of new three dimensional role playing game that would use a new type of approach to its graphics, which he calls, "The Rotary Engine".  It places all the game's various elements on random points of a giant sphere, and then places the in game camera on a random viewing degree of that sphere, and uses zoom and rotation effects to change what the player sees while navigating the immense game world.  He didn't say whether there would be any enemies in this game, but he did say that this concept would strictly be highly experimental, and that he couldn't wait to see what his fans thought of the final product.  He also said that it would be something reminiscent of the "Super Mario Galaxy" engine, ideally.

Eighthly, since it was such a huge success, James hopes to make a story based fighting game that runs on the "Sam Versus Cat" engine, called, "JayMatch".  In this game, you would fight off a bunch of wanna be's, in order to prove to the world that you are the best and truest fighter on Earth.  There would be some levels where all you had to do is win, and some in which you actually had to perform a certain move, or a specific combination of attacks, in order to defeat your opponent.  In any case, once you beat a level, you would unlock the next part of the story.  The game would be aimed towards much older audiences, and it would be quite the lot unsafe for children, due to its constant violence, blood, and suggestive themes - the latter of which would mostly simply occur in the dialogue of the story.  However, because it ran on the "SVC" engine, it would obviously still support multiplayer input, making it great for group workout sessions, parties, practice sparring, and of course everybody else who was thirteen or older - possibly seventeen if the title's rating were to go up due to the sheer amount of violence found within the game play.

Ninth up will be the long awaited "JayHoops".  JayHoops is going to be a simple basketball game in which you use gyroscopic controls to shoot baskets based on posture instead of angle, distance, and velocity.  The game will be able to tell if you are standing up straight, or if you are leaning to one or the other side, and it will be able to tell how straight your throws are by the way you move your elbows - even going so far as to be capable of knowing if a player is shooting one handedly - and even recognizing the difference between left and right handed players and adjusting accordingly.

Tenthly, but certainly not finally, "Big Sean III - Ghost Wars", will be launched.  It will run on a totally new engine from the last two titles in the trilogy, and it will focus on better graphics, and more simultaneous animations, including animated background sprites.  After that, James will experiment with more three dee rendering styles, and see if he can't create remakes of the series that use an actual, interactive 3D map of his real, up to date house.  The series would feature tons of viewpoints that could not be observed in the original games, due to the limits of the top down perspective.  The zombies and ghosts will be able to come directly at you, instead of just passing under the floating camera, a feature which JayDee actually hopes to implement into Ghost Wars before creating this new fully immersive 3D world.

In order to show that he understands how all the angry Jaders feel about his server issues, James has stated that he may have found a highly inexpensive way to repair the servers at his own cost, enabling the faster, more fruitful, TRUE revival of his company back to the glory it was able to bask in BEFORE "The Great JayDee Crash Of Twenty Fifteen".  So now, all we can do is wait, hope, and pray - that all goes well for JayDee Games; because if it does, then James's company may just very well beat out ALL THREE of SONY, MICROSOFT, and Nintendo,, especially with the new console and emulator scheduled to come out this holiday season, codenamed, "The JayDee Kaitonium"!

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