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JayDee To Gather Resources For "Single Action Game Boy" Engine

Posted by Cat Valentine on August 2, 2016 at 11:40 AM

For years, "Jade", as his newer fans have begun to call him, has wanted to make a solid first person shooter that combined the dual wielding capabilities of "Golden Eye", with the fast paced flyover combat of "Star Fox".  Now, we just might be seeing that dream of his become a true reality.

JayDee posted on Facebook that he might get started developing the three dee models of the various in game items that would give the title an incredibly immersive look and feel.  He did admit that JayDee Games still has a long way to go before they start creating virtual reality experiences or anything of that sort, but this is going to be the first step the company has ever actually taken in that direction.  The game will have incredibly natural controls, if done correctly, which should enable the player to feel like he or she is literally in the game world instead of wherever they happen to be playing the game in real life.

James plans to incorporate a gyroscopic based, three dimensional mapping system into the game engine, which should enable the game world to be very deep and realistic in look and feel.  He says he still has to run some tests to see if the game engine supports the types of 3D models he wishes to use, but if it does, then he really wants to go all out.

Ever since the birth of JayDee Games, the majority of its products have been aimed at testing to see what the software company could do to please its fans on a rather indirect basis.  They'd release a game, ask the fans what they want to see happen in that game world, and then release those newly requested features in a software update to the title.  However, for one of its first times ever, the developers will finally put their fans first, with an all new custom content engine that will allow players to import custom content directly into the game.  Being a first person shooter, most of these custom imports would result in really cool weapons, ammunition, characters, and skins for the game, but "Jade" does proclaim that he wants to see custom object models in the game too - objects that are not weapons by default, such as furniture, since most of the game's map will be located indoors.

JayDee Games as a whole is most excited about the new possibilities of game engines presented by the colossal upping of the upload file size limit by Facebook which applies to pages such as the exclusive "JayDee Games Community" on the social network.  Being a reporter though, I must respect privacy policies, so the actual name of the company's private group may not be shared here.  "Jade" says he can't wait to bring some of his SlideShare titles to "The Book Of Faces", as he playfully refers to his favourite social network; and according to an anonymous source of mine, he has already released his most influentially popular title, "The Fims - All In One", to the timeline of his company's official fanpage.

Back on topic here, "Single Action Game Boy" is rumored to be an amazing title, and I know that I will be downloading a copy of the game when it launches sometime in Twenty Seventeen.  I hope I won't be the only one in that conversation, because this game is going to be off the charts if it's done right!

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