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Jade's First Tests Have Officially Ended In Failure, But "The Rotary Engine" Still Has Hope!

Posted by Annie THE ANNIEMON Wilson on August 18, 2016 at 7:20 PM

It's official: James Johnson now goes by any one of three names - James, JayDee, or Jade.  It is also confirmed that all of his fans have been collectively dubbed, "The Jaders", by James himself!

Earlier this summer, James was interviewed by an affiliate of The Kumanian News Team.  We wanted to know what kinds of games he would be releasing this year and next.  Among the list of shooters, sports simulators, and rhythm games; was a rather interesting game development system that, based on its description, seems to harken back to the days of the Nintendo 64 and its three dimensional polygon graphics.  This tool, known as "The Rotary Engine", theoretically works by using a giant sphere as the foundational shape of the game world, and then constantly sub rendering smaller topographical details on top of it as the in game camera moves about.  These processes would happen in the game's scrolling memory, before the details in question appeared on screen.  This feature would enable the faster loading of moderately small elements such as trees and hills, and yet would still ensure that larger items like buildings and mountains would appear in their whole forms regardless of the rate of background loading activity.

James just finished running a test of a prototypical model of "The Rotary Engine", but the results turned out to have been far less than satisfying.  There were large gaps in certain areas of the game world because no matter which optimization scheme he utilized, there were always certain items that wouldn't load quickly enough, resulting in transparent areas in the view shown by the in game camera.

James did say that today's test was incredibly experimental since it was the first time he's ever toyed around with virtual topography, but he says that although the realism of the graphics will need to be sacrificed a bit, his second attempt at his approach to three dee graphics should render far more accurately, especially since it will feature a transparent atmosphere that can be recoloured in the actual engine of whichever JayDee title it is applied to.

So Jaders rejoyce!  There will be plenty more JayDee games, and even an all new series of "JayDee Legacy Emulators"; coming out during both the second half of Twenty Sixteen, and of course all of Twenty Seventeen.  With your seven postmeridian Kumanian News for August Eighteenth Of Twenty Sixteenth, this is Annie The AnnieMon Wilson, signing off.

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