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Oh My Gosh! I'm Totally Addicted To JadeJohnson Games's Latest Sports Simulator Series, "JayBowl - Tournament Edition"!

Posted by Cat Valentine on November 10, 2016 at 1:35 AM

I'm not kidding!  This past spring, "JadeJohnson Games", still known as "JayDee Games" back then; released a true first in the realm of an up and coming hobby called, "PowerPointGaming", also referred to as "SlideShowGaming".  It was a hyper realistic gyroscopic bowling simulator titled, "JayBowl".  It could tell how properly you swung your arm, and it even featured digitized speech that announced the number of pins that fell with each throw.  Needless to say, it was a beyond equal competitor to one of Nintendo™'s greatest hits, "Wii Sports - Bowling".

A single date before The Day Of The Dead earlier this year, James's company made an incredibly impressive comeback with "JayBowl - Tournament Edition", ending its horrendously problematic prolonged hiatus period, simply referred to as, "The Great JayDee" (or JadeJohnson) "Crash Era", during which the company server desperately required severe attention and repairs that cost the brand a huge sum of money, but succeeded in the end.

"Jade" and crew actually did release a single game on Halloween just the night before, which was the promised "JayBowl 2 - Still Standing", but it nevertheless balanced straightly upright on the exact same engine as the original "JayBowl" from this past cherry blossom season.  The only exceptions were added support for Mii importation from most Nintendo 3DS Family handhelds; a new system voice modelled after that of an old personal digital assistant for the blind released in Nineteen Eighty Nine; and a new soundtrack that was triply based upon the enormously different sound sets of each and all of the original Nintendo Entertainment System from Nineteen Eighty Three (or at least if you're going by Japanese release dates), the iKuma CAMEL (ComeOn All Mortals, Enjoy Life!) console made by the predecessor of "JayDee Games" itself which was formerly known as "iKuma Entertainment Of India Incorporated", and the current brand's most popular SoundFont dubbed, "Piano Synth X", where the "X" is pronounced "Cross". 

Other than those exact same three listed features, the software in question is literally completely identical to its first quarter predecessor; and some might say that even though the original JayBowl felt sixteen bit in atmospheric nature; because of the NES like music and perfectly robotic sounding computerized system voice, this sequel might honestly feel like it only utilizes eight of those sixteen available processes, even though the console that runs it can actually handle an entire whopping total of two hundred and fifty six simultaneous computations, or five hundred and twelve, depending on whether the title is being played on the JadeJohnson Hui, which can undertake the former, or the JayDee Hui U which can endure the latter.

Yeah, "JayBowl 2 - Still Standing", or at least not on its original Halloween release date, wasn't all that powerful, and it showed, especially in its last generation code.  A quick look into the game's programming shows that it was only available for the Hui and Hui U, and on top of that, there were even lines of development jargon that instructed the game to check which console it was running on before it loaded up, as well as to scale back the graphical quality and frame rate when playing on the newer machine of the two.

That night, a lot of the JadeJohnson fans, officially christened "Jaders", were quite the lot disappointed by the lack of modernity that was truly instantly discoverable as soon as they booted up the game.  But out of the blue the very next afternoon, out came "JayBowl - Tournament Edition", this amazing game that swept the world by storm.  Although The "JayDee TALE (Technology For Amusement, Leisure, And Entertainment)", JadeJohnson Games's take on a ninth generation video game system, was released earlier this summer, along with its accompanying emulative software engine for people who couldn't afford an actual console of said monetary value and or computational greatness, there hadn't yet been even a single game put out for it.  Well, we Jaders finally got our first TALE title on November First Of Twenty Sixteen, and that just so happened to be what could someday be labelled as, "The Single Bowling Game Series To End All Other Franchises In The Same Genre"!

"JayBowl - Tournament Edition has beautiful visuals, it supports HDMI display output by default, and it has an updated control system that works across many more platforms than just iOS, which never really worked well with it anyway.  Now you can bowl using a touch display, a mouse, a Nintendo™ Wii Remote, your very own actual human voice, an iPhone, an iPad, or an Android smart device, the latter of which offers far more superior controller customization support and disability accomodation than iOS by a long shot!  On top of that, the game can be played by an infinite number of players and or teams, all at the exact same time, each separate player bowling via the controller of his or her individual choice, and every one of them managed by just a single console!  What really makes this game shine though, is the commentary.  That's right, "JayBowl - Tournament Edition" has commentary!  And I don't just mean that short and unfeeling kind of stuff you'd find in any of the newer titles that run on the "Sam Versus Cat" engine; I'm talking dually voice acted, television grade, contextually aware, high quality, warm, emotional, positive, unprejudiced, encouraging, helpful, amiable, appropriate, family friendly, actual commentary that literally makes you feel more like you're watching a televised bowling event, rather than playing a game that simulates your average local bowling alley!

Not only did James release "JayBowl - Tournament Edition" alone, but he also adjacently launched an updated variant of "JayBowl 2 - Still Standing", and both of these titles are fully, and only (or at least so far anyway), both designed and advertised to work with The JayDee TALE!  That being said, you can bet your lucky stars that playing this game yourself shall blow you away!  Jade even said that he plans to release the game on SlideShare, where it'll attract an even larger audience who should all be impressed that such a powerfully and accurately realistic bowling simulator could ever possibly have been achieved in a software that is normally used to make static slide shows, presentations, and info graphics that lack vibrancy, motion, and or audio; and always follow the same fixed and manually advanced order!  I know it's cliché, but I really do recommend "JayBowl - Tournament Edition" to every single man, woman, and child.  It's endless hours of fun, and I truly struggle to even imagine what the next edition of the game will enTALE!

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