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Although Not Precisely Via The Exact Same Aspects, JayBowl 4 Will Definitely Be The Go To Bowling Simulator Of Literally All Time, Even Having Gone So Far As To Almost Completely Replace "Wii Sports - Bowling"!

Posted by Michael Nazhi on December 10, 2016 at 6:35 PM

First, there was the original "JayBowl", the PowerPoint Bowling Game That Took The World By Storm with its literally naturally realistic controls that made bowling possible any time, any where.  Closely modelled after "Wii Sports - Bowling", most typically referred to as, "Wii Bowl"; it was bound for success.  And succeed it surely did!

Then, there was "JayBowl 2 - Still Standing", seen as a disappointment to most of its players, due to its low quality and lack of serious innovation; especially since the whole thing was based upon a glitch in the pre updated release of the original game.  The length of the lifespan of "Still Standing" at the top of the lineup's how you say, "food chain", was very pathetic.  But its replacement DEFINITELY MORE than MADE UP for such a sad failure of a launch.

Just a single day after "JayBowl 2 - Still Standing" flopped, even going far enough not to receive a single download from the (then) "JayDee Games" fan page; JayDee (now officially known as "JadeJohnson", or simply, "Jade") gave us (what was at that time) a brand new take on our beloved bowling simulator, this original variant of which, even to this very day, never ceases to invoke sheer awe at how something so powerful could have possibly been generated in a PowerPoint compatible format!  That very reboot was, and still is, "JayBowl - Tournament Edition"!  The freaking thing has full quality, television grade commentary that is even contextually aware of what score you get, DIRECTLY!  As the pins go back up.  I mean, the first time I played this gosh darned theng, my jaw dropped wide open.  Like, dude!  The game talks, AND; it talks a WHOLE FREAKING LOT!  How could you make all that insanely high quality commentary fit in a measly little PowerPoint file!  Even though I've memorized most of what the commentators say by now, their meer existance in the game will always baffle me to no end whatsoever!

And yet, it still gets even better!  Once the "Tournament Edition" engine was made into its own official series, we saw the launch of "JayBowl 2 - Still Standing (Tournament Edition)", which basically just updated the original sequel to the T.E. Engine, but was still a huge improvement nevertheless, since it proved that (pre re brand) JayDee Games really knew what they were doing and could TRULY be TRUSTED as a LEGITIMATE GAME COMPANY who ACTUALLY CARED about its FANS, and NOT JUST about the MONEY that funded the time and research that went into the development of their revolutionarily innovative technology!  Although the game itself was literally nothing more than what fans would have expected from the Tournament Edition of the former flop of the franchise, it was "JayBowl 2 - Still Standing (Tournament Edition)" that gave most "Jaders" (The Official Name For JadeJohnson's biggest, truest, and most loyal fanatics) the very foundation upon which to build and house their most pure, undivided trust of and loyalty to James's organization as a whole, including the parent company, (Then JayDee Industries), as well as the latter's other two subsidiaries (formerly known as "JayDee Records" and "JayDee Mobile" before the rebrand).

However, even though The JayBowl Series was so glorious in all that it was, there was still not much that could be done in the way of customization.  Shortly before the rebranding of "JayDee Games" to "JadeJohnson Games Incorporated", the since heavily more popular game makers released something of a surprise, with "JayBowl 3 - COLOURFUL COLLISION".  Even though the original "JayBowl 2 - Still Standing" died as soon as it came out, it did give players the first wave of customization elements to ever exist in the franchise.  You could import compatible Mii™ characters almost directly from any "JayBowl Compatible Nintendo® 3DS™ Family System".  Although not all Miis worked harmoniously with the game, and although you also couldn't import Miis from any of the handhelds in the "New Nintendo® 3DS™" lineup, the systems and avatars that DID work always functioned correctly, regardless of creator, name, birthday, unit region, or toy model.  "JayBowl 3 - COLOURFUL COLLISION" added support for the customization of both bowling pins, and balls too.  Players could even pick which individual pins to customize, and which stock pins they wished to leave as they were.

After that, we were all pretty certain that we'd reached the end of "The JayBowl Days".  There haven't been any new releases in, or updates to, the franchise since COLOURFUL COLLISION's T.E. release.  But "JayBowl" isn't going to be just a trilogy.  That's right, we're getting a FULL, FOUR GAME SAGA!  Or maybe five depending on how you look at it.  The final game in the "JayBowl" franchise isn't going to be one game, but TWO!  Think of them both as JadeJohnson Games's "JayBowl" equivalent to GAME FREAK's and NINTENDO's recently released (as of when this was originally posted) "PoKéMoN SUN And MOON" duo.  That is, two different titles with similar gameplay and fundamentally identical ideas, both of which don't need to be played to understand and or win one or the other alone; but with slightly divergent backstories, neither of which can be fully experienced solely by playing one of the games without dabbling in the other.

On one hand, you can frolic with a flock of friends in "JayBowl 4 - PEACEFUL MODERNITY".  It takes the best parts of the Tournament Editions of both "JayBowl 1" and "JayBowl 3", and mashes them up into the perfect blend with a shiny new colour order applied to the words on its title screen.  Other than that, as well as the long awaited addition of gutter balls, not much really happens in this version of the game.  It's intended for those of us Jaders who just want the ability to roll gutter balls.  That being said though, it truly does an excellent job at showing off that which its name clearly indicates, and I highly recommend it for all you casual gamers out there who just like to play "whatever, wherever".

On the other end of the spectrum, you can party 'til the virtual house quite literally burns down, in "JayBowl 4 - REVENGEFUL ORTHODOXY", a mashup of all the best elements from "JayBowl 2" and "JayBowl 3", with a few new twists.  It's a quite spookily thrilling spin away from the norms of the entire rest of the franchise, the former in which you are greeted with an intensely lit inferno that threatens to shoot flames out of your screen!  Oh, and did I mention that the fire animation is made completely out of red, orange, amber, and yellow bowling pins?  On top of that, the text on the title and loading screens shakes so rapidly and violently that if you didn't know any better, you'd swear that your display was on its last leg, ready to blow up, and incinerate anyone and or anything that got too close right along with it!  To add to the intensity of the pure feeling of armageddon felt when playing this game, the normally human commentators have been replaced with INCREDIBLY HECKISH SOUNDING ROBOT CLONES OF THEMSELVES!  Is ANYONE safe?

It really shows that JadeJohnson Games LITERALLY put EVERYTHING they EVER HAD into this grand release, because they also made old school non Tournament Edition variants of the titles in this pair as well!  Plus, in all four games, you can now change the colour of the bowling alley!  That means that LITERALLY the WHOLE ENTIRE GAME is FINALLY, FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE, which was JadeJohnson Games's goal from way back at the beginning of the series with the original "JayBowl" launch that started it all; back when they were still called "JayDee Games"!

I can't wait to see what you all think about "THE ULTIMATE BOWLING SIMULATOR", when it releases on Sunday, December Eleventh Of Twenty Sixteen!  Yeah, you're reading that right!  If it's still Saturday wherever you are, THAT'S TOMORROW!  Goodnight, and PLEASE ENJOY THE BEST POWERPOINT SPORTING SIMULATION GAME EVER!

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