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"JadeJohnson", As He Is Now Officially Known World Wide, Plans To Make PowerPoint's First Ever VOCALOID Equivalent For The JadeJohnson TALE!

Posted by Shreya Ghoshal - श्रेया घोषाल on January 18, 2017 at 2:25 AM

Although VOCALOID™ has been around since Two Thousand And Four, singing computers have actually been around since all the way back in Nineteen Seventy Four, when a man and his buds successfully used the world's very first fully speech capable computer to order a pizza to enjoy as a celebration of their amazing invention. That very same computer was then used to sing a basic song, and even though it lacked both vibrato and tremolo (the latter being amplitude modulation, not insane guitar pitch bending with a bridge system of any kind), it was able to stay on key, and it even did so without missing a single beat!



As for VOCALOID™, the technology still does have a way to go in terms of realism, but the right listener would most likely say that said brand of software may have long since surpassed that old clunker from The Seventies. However, I myself do not quite think that Vocaloid is all the way there yet.



More often than not, there are very synthetic sounding, totally unwanted glitches in most, if not all VOCALOIDs' vowel sounds, caused by a form of automatic compression that is unfortunately applied to the originally recorded samples if the repitched or altered output is too different from the source audio.



That all being said, we Jaders's PowerPoint idol, "JadeJohnson Himself", says that he has officially found a way to permanently eradicate all that nasty compression that daunts composers who use literally every other singing synthesis based virtual instrument out there.



Dubbed "JadeLoid™", after James's nickname of course, this new synthesizer is said to work by using raw vocal samples taken straight out of the many acapella tracks he's released under his record label. He produces incredibly high quality, clean, professional vocals, each one oozing its own style, class, emotion, and even attractiveness.



Many other digital lyric generation programs have to be told what style to sing in for each and every word, note, or even individually pronounced phoneme, a level of customization that is believed by their developers to enable the possibility of a much more humanlike nature, but which, in retrospect, has ended up collectively giving these pieces of software a bad reputation for being too complex for a novice to fully comprehend, let alone not be overwhelmed by when opening up their preferred interface for the first time.



On the other hand though, according to Jade himself, writing songs with "JadeLoid™" will feel as intuitive as breathing, and yet just as capable as, if not more so than, even The VOCALOID™ Engine franchise by YAMAHA® itself. James claims, and not because the latter clause rhymes, that all of the humanization will be controlled by his engine itself, so that everything on which the user must focus shall solely consist of choosing, pitching, and timing lyrics. The days of needing to stare at a piano roll and meticulously mouse in all the fine tuning are FINALLY OVER!



I don't know about you, but I am ALREADY looking forward to the day when I can get my delicate hands on a copy of this new engine, and I can't wait to see what I can do with the very vocals of my number one favourite idol of all time! Are you guys excited too? Don't be afraid to comment below. With your One Antemeridian news for Wednesday January Eighteenth Of Twenty Seventeen, this is Shreya Ghoshal, signing off.

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