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"JayBowl", As A Saga, Has Officially Come To A Successful End, All Original Goals Having Been Achieved!

Posted by Michael Nazhi on May 23, 2017 at 10:25 AM

It all started in early Twenty Sixteen: a simple PowerPoint bowling game that took up the world by storm! A year and a half later, we've finally received the ultimate entry in what has since not only become a world renowned series, but also "an intuitively enjoyable research franchise" according to its developers.

The original goal of "JayBowl" was to provide a simple PowerPoint alternative to "Wii Sports: Bowling" which didn't emulate said game verbatim, but that instead gave everyone with a computer an accessible way via which to simulate a trip to their local bowling alley.

As players of the original title surely know, that first iteration was nothing like the end result of the achievement of said goal, let alone the final version of the game, "JayBowl Legends", that we know, love, and call home today. There was literally zero customization built in, and the game was both robotic and flawed at best. It also lacked greatly in resolution and colour density, giving many folks headaches with its infinitely looping single gameplay music track, and turning people off with its unbalanced audio volume and staticky sound playback.

At that point though, the company that was then known as "JayDee Games" was going through some very hard times, and desperately required an overhaul. Their "JayDee Hui U" console wasn't publicizing so well as it was, and, to make things worse, there were only two, count them, "Auggia Games™" (one) and "Valonia Entertainment™" (two); third party developers who were even the slightest bit interested in seeing what they could squeeze out of the incredibly underpowered hardware.

JayDee Games needed a plan, and to come up with it quickly, or they would be wiped off the grid forever. People were wondering where they'd gone, and some of the third party developers for the last generation console, "The JayDee Hui", even decided to leave the platform and its hosting brand in the dust altogether to avoid getting a bad reputation for having worked with a failing company. It was because of this crisis that JayDee Games knew it was running out of luck, and, most importantly, time.

However, on August Fifth Of Twenty Sixteen, as a last resort, the organization shoved out its next generation console an entire three to six months ahead of schedule, and "The JayDee TALE (Technology For Amusement, Leisure, And Entertainment)" was all they needed to restore the hope of third parties, who all rushed back to JayDee's side upon the sight of what the incredible hardware, which, to this day, is even more powerful than "The Nintendo SWITCH™", was capable of pulling off.

With the release of the TALE came new possibilities of software that could be developed, and, still at the top of the recently rebranded "JadeJohnson Games" lineup, the video game console, as well as its accompanying emulator, together accomplish all sorts of new and interesting feats, alongside the developers, from both first and third parties, who design titles for them.

Although the first game for the (now rebranded to) JadeJohnson TALE was still not released until Halloween of the device's release year, "Talers" had plenty to do within the stock bios, such as customizing the looks and behaviours of their "Stories" (or profiles) and creating "Episodes" (or custom invention data) to fill their accounts with, to make them unique to each user. The console lets players do and make what they themselves want at any time, and even lets them create their own full throttle games within the machine's built in operating system.

Sadly, the first official release for the TALE was quite underwhelming (we all know the floppy story of "JayBowl 2 - Still Standing"); but the very next day, our lives as "Jaders", the legitimate fans of "JadeJohnson Himself", changed forever, with that which, at the time of its launch, was the single most impressive video game ever made for Microsoft PowerPoint. Although "JayBowl - Legends" now replaces it at number one worldwide, the "JayBowl - Tournament Edition" series will surely live on in all of our hearts as one of the most amazing and inspiring titles to ever have existed on said platform.

As time advanced, JadeJohnson Games kept growing and improving, and so did "The JayBowl Saga", which, with all the time, code, and research that has gone into it, deserves to and from now on shall be called "The JayBowl Franchise". Although it still doesn't quite exactly match the amount of dynamicity offered by Nintendo's "Wii Sports: Bowling", that, after all, was not what (then) "JayDee Games™" originally envisioned as the goal of JayBowl. It was simply to make a similar experience available on PowerPoint, no matter how differently it would appear and or function in the end; and it can be seen, without a doubt, that with the completion and release of the final game in the franchise, "JayBowl - LEGENDS™", that goal has both fully and officially been reached.

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