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The Online Store For The JadeJohnson TALE Console Will Soon Meet Tenth Generation Requirements!

Posted by Shreya Ghoshal - श्रेया घोषाल on June 5, 2017 at 9:30 AM

"JadeJohnson Games™", the company behind the world famous Microsoft PowerPoint fueled dual purpose gaming console and emulation service platform which are collectively dubbed "The JadeJohnson TALE™", has always been about creating mind boggling innovation.

Its parent company, "JadeJohnson Industries™", as well as the latter's subsidiaries, including the former video game branch, as well as its gradually merging music label counterpart, "JadeJohnson Records™", are known for having created some of the most amazing art and technology, using programs that were not originally intended for use by such talented craftsmen.

Since 2014, JadeJohnson games, then known as "JayDee Games"; as well as its many predecessors, existing as early as Two Thousand And Seven; have used tools such as the "Microsoft Office" productivity suite, the free and open source digital audio workstation "Audacity", and the "Sound Recorder" utility found in Windows XP, to indirectly prove that literally anything is possible, even via methods that might be more unpopular and or time consuming than similarly powerful or even much more capable alternatives.

This summer, "JadeJohnson Games™" is at it aGain, with an update to the initially unsuccessful but later jaw droppingly groundbreaking online software store, game streaming service, and virtual classics emulation hub, "The JayShop". The console only site is getting a tenth generation upgrade, enabling the ability of its makers to change its in store music, but also granting this freedom to its members.

The store will also be renamed "The JadeShop™", to match its developers's rebrand from "JayDee Games" to "JadeJohnson Games™", as "JadeJohnson Industries™" as a whole was changed from its previous title of "JayDee Industries", to avoid copyright claims from similarly spoken businesses, such as "J.D. Power™" and the likes.

The updated variant of the service is slated for release on July Thirty First Of Twenty Seventeen.

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