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What On Earth? JadeJohnson Games's New Tenth Generation Console Looks Exactly The Same As It's Ninth Gen Predecessor!

Posted by Michael Nazhi on June 21, 2017 at 1:55 PM

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (or "E3" for short) was in full swing one week ago today [the day on which this article was posted]. During the same week, JadeJohnson Games announced that they were hosting their own convention; but instead of all of its attendees gathering together and feeling crowded, uncomfortable, and maybe even a little claustrophobic, the event was, and still is, being held online.

"JadeCon 2017", as it is officially known, will last until the end of summer - September Twenty First. It is the first official convention run by the company, and hopes are that it will only become bigger and better as the years progress. As of right now, the event is invitation only, which makes it a small distance behind E3, since the latter's organizers actually sold many thousands of tickets to anyone who was interested in coming, for the first time this year. However, JadeCon just might be better anyway, because there are no attendence costs, no travel fees, and no lines for the first hand experiences on the show floor. Because of it's tight security and well established community guidelines, JadeCon also features no internet trolls either!

"Alright, you've told me that JadeCon exists, but what in the world is it exactly, and what's its purpose?"

Oh . . . Right. Ahem! JadeCon is an online convention during which JadeJohnson Games™, as well as all of its backing third parties, share all of the new and upcoming software, and sometimes even hardware, whose development they've been working hard on for the longest time. The show also features behind the scenes looks at their various processes and techniques of game design and engine utilization. On top of that, it's not just all about games, as JadeJohnson Records™, JadeJohnson Mobile™, JadeJohnson Films™, and all of the other companies who support JadeJohnson Industries™; all present their latest innovations on the show floor as well.

JadeCon 2017 surely started out as an, to some, odd experience for those of us who had been deeply engrossed in the rumor mill that, like with any other major new piece of technology, surrounded the announcement of something which, to our profound surprise, actually turned out not to be a whole new physical device, but essentially a powerfully innovative operating system for the already existing JadeJohnson Tale console.

It was especially weird when Jade came up onto the stage, holding a JadeJohnson TALE console, just like the ones we Jaders all emulate, and the crowd went almost completely silent, only for him to say that we basically already owned the new hardware, but only because it's no longer about how powerful the hardware is, but rather the software that fuels it.

As if things couldn't get strange enough, the livestream from the physical show floor was even more bizarre, because the video looked like some kind of old film from the eighties. We later found out why though: because apparently, Video High Speed (VHS) tapes are cool, and that's supposedly the message that JadeJohnson Games wants to spread with the release of its new 3D animation engine, officially dubbed, "JadeImension", but more on that a little later.

Anyway, "JadeJohnson TALE XG", the aforementioned new TALE console firmware, will finally give us Talers a native screen recording function that just so happens to be the exact same one used by JadeJohnson Games during their longplays and commentaries. It is a free screen recording software known as "ActivePresenter" that was originally used for educational, training, and tutorial purposes; but hey - so was PowerPoint, and we all know what JadeJohnson Games has created using that business, education, public speaking, and meeting oriented tool too!

The software won't come built directly into the TALE's firmware, but you will be able to download it from its makers's website using a link built right into TALE XG. And once installed to the default directory, you will be able to record your gameplay at any time, including either all or just part of your screen, even having the opportunity to edit your screen capture after you finish recording, and also customize the video format, picture quality, compression bit rate, frame rate, audio sample and bit rates, and pretty much all other aspects of your output file; all without needing to end your currently active session!

Now, what new innovations does TALE XG bring for Jaders, both players and developers? Well, it boasts the ability of anyone who wishes, to record video as they normally would, then divide it into two feeds (one for video and the other featuring the accompanying audio), and then to interleave them within their game engine. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. JadeJohnson TALE GX lets either or both feeds be modified before being inserted into the game engine, as long as certain guidelines are met, such as that the video and audio must match in length exactly, and that so must the feeds's durations to that of the slide to which they are linked.

Not only can you use real video footage in your TALE XG engines, but you may also add objects into your videos, and then animate them as if they were part of the recording in the first place. All of these features working together enable the game engine to potentially take scenes from real life, and then manipulate them as they're playing out in real time! These features can be experienced by both players and developers, enabling all kinds of new possibilities for both game play, and game design too!

JadeCon is still going on until September Twenty First Of Twenty Seventeen, and we will continue to deliver news regarding its various events as it continues; so stay tuned!

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