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You Can Finally Give Your Midi Compositions That JadeJohnson Records Sound! (Font.)

Posted by Michael Nazhi on August 6, 2017 at 8:50 PM

JadeJohnson Records has officially released their full collection of midi SoundFonts!

What's most amazing about these SF2's is their realism!  When he first started "ProJect PianoSynth.sf2", Jade wasn't quite sure what he was doing, and it showed in his primitive beta bank, known as "Piano Synth Cross".  There were pops and cracks in the samples, and when using it to play a song, it sounded like a record player on its last leg.  It was only with all of the official variants, and there are a LOT of them (branded "Piano Synth LYVE™" and "Piano Synth Finale™"); that his engine's true beauty began to shine!

Which SoundFont is right for me?

There are quite the ton of SoundFonts available in the "Piano Synth™" lineup by JadeJohnson Records, so it's only fair that I give you a little advice as to which one matches your prefferred sound and style.

"Piano Synth LYVE™":

If you're into that concert grand sound but with a little zero point 25 semitone upthrust, this is the generation for you.  But within "Piano Synth LYVE™", there are a vast slew of options, each of whom sounds far different than any of the others.  Here's a basic mowdown.  It won't list EVERY one in the lineup, but you'll definitely get the idea later on as you discover unlisted editions on the download page.


If you like that rotary chorus effect used a lot in classic rock, then you will definitely love the way it sounds when placed on a piano instead of an electric guitar!  The only downside is that it tends to sound rather disturbing and offturning when the notes of a midi file contain a manually applied chorus effect.


If you enjoy the way a piano echoes in a concert hall, then this is the right sound for you!  The only drawback is that the reverberation of any bass notes will totally lower the volume of simultaneously playing treble ones.


This variant ensures that all the notes of a midi song are played at maximum velocity!  The only exception to this truth is when a composer sets the velocity of a note in the song at hand, which thusly overrides the power and volume of the notes in question.


Ever feel nostalgia and wish your music could sound like the Super Nintendo Entertainment System piano of your dreams?  Well now it can!  You can even set it to only play up to eight notes at a time, using "VirtualMidiSynth", if you ever want it to emulate the sound of the SNES, DIRECTLY!

"Piano Synth Finale™":

On the other hand, have you been searching and searching, all around the web, for that one SoundFont that magically emulates the timbre of the lovely, Heavenly, acoustic baby grand in your grandmother's basement from your childhood that you miss dearly and just wish you could have played one last time before she moved to a new home with a slightly smaller cellar and unfortunately had to leave "him" behind? 

Well, search no more!  This final edition of Piano Synth, officially dubbed "Piano Synth Finale™", shall PERFECTLY REVIVE that Grandma's Old House Nostalgia in all of us!  And just so you're aware, the "LYVE™" edition of "Piano Synth Finale™" does indeed serve the same purpose as the Concert variant of "Piano Synth LYVE™".

So with all those explanations out of the way now, please do enjoy the official "Piano Synth™" SoundFont collection by JadeJohnson Records; you can download it at:

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