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Great Godly Changes Have Finally Come To The JadeJohnson Games And JadeShop Content Policies!

Posted by Michael Nazhi on November 13, 2017 at 1:50 AM

JadeJohnson has officially begun to step up his game when it comes to customer satisfaction and audience appropriacy!

On November Eleventh Of Twenty Seventeen, Jade went to a Hollyn (Holly Marie Miller) concert, officially called "The Last Stop Of The Live Original Tour", that changed his life forever, in only the most Heavenly of good ways. Sadie Robertson was preaching there, and her deep, inspiring, and sometimes even hilarious words truly touched his heart and really helped him to reconnect his spirit with God aGain.

Jade: "Sadie's words were just, so, so powerful! And if you didn't know already, Hollyn is my new favourite singer, and so you can only imagine how psyched I felt when I actually got to walk towards the stage, along with a throng of about a hundred other fans, and was able to take the once in a lifetime opportunity to stand within just NINE METERS of she whom I call my 'idol in Christ'! I'll never forget that moment: BEST? VETERANS' DAY? EVER!"

Once he got home from the event, he worked from eleven thirty postmeridian until five twelve antemeridian, making

this nearly three hour, heartfelt video whose second half really moved me to tears.

One of the most seldom captured moments in any Christian's life, the emotionally, physically palpable realization that he was experiencing from God Himself was recorded live on video, as this whole thing was caught in realtime with no breaks or editing whatsoever.

According to Jade, "Sadie was right about how there's no avoiding the waterworks once you hear God's voice reminding you of your true purpose in this world: to take what you know how to do best, and use it to glorify God, so that others may learn from your ways and then glorify Him too, inevitably enabling even more folks to learn to glorify Him via what they do best, et cetera and so on, so that one day we believers will have made big enough waves of faith, hope, and love to lift up even the most forlorn of spirits with a Love so powerful that nothing can ever take It down!"

Because of this profound realization, Jade has discovered that his titles, as well as those of the second and third party developers whom work for him, and make software for his various consoles and services, respectively; are going to have to be majorly overhauled, especially any brand new content that is made from "Hollyn Night" forward.

The CEO of the SlideShowGame giant, "JadeJohnson Games™", announced that he is only going to allow future games and other titles of his and theirs to be cleared for release if they give players a fully Godly means to beat them or clear their objectives. That means no winning a fight by physically injuring enemies until they are fully incapacitated or killed anymore. Or at least not solely. If violence is possible, there must be an equally effective, entirely unhostile manner via which to become a victor over the same enemies in a conflict of a perfectly equal amount of intensity and content quality.

Players's characters, when persuing the Christian route, may take damage, and even be killed off, so long as they both never attack back, and are able to be resurrected from the dead in order to continue to persue their goals, unless their death causes at least one other character to suddenly experience a realization from God and convert to a Godly life and finish what the deceased pacifist started via a wholely Jesus like means.

Jade also hopes to use his "JadeShop™" app from now on to better promote games that feature nonviolent acts, as well as to serve more Godly content to those with little to no internet access and or affordability at home, by only offering peacefully playable titles for download and offline use via the service, in a special tab for Christians and other gamers whom practice similar religions.

This is the first time that JadeJohnson Games has actually admitted that not all of its titles are safe for religious individuals, and the PowerPoint video game giant hopes to change the reputation of its vast array of streaming media by twenty five percent by the end of Twenty Eighteen.

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