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Super Mario Odyssey, Or Rather, Soup Um Moddy Yo Odd Is See, Is Coming To JadeReam As A Music Based Quiz Game!

Posted by Abraham Quaver: The Touchable Hologram Version on January 4, 2018 at 4:30 PM

Super Mario Odyssey was perhaps the very second best Nintendo Switch title of Twenty Seventeen, or maybe even the ultimate best one itself, depending on where you rank "The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild".  That being said, it's no wonder for what reason JadeJohnson Games shall use "Creative Commons" and "Fair Use" to its advantage to port the game to PowerPoint.

Before you wonder about piracy, it is definitely not so, and here's why:

The Nintendo Switch console lets players record up to thirty seconds of any part of "Super Mario Odyssey" that they like, and then, if they wish to, post that footage to social media.  Nintendo wouldn't have allowed for such uploads if it didn't want gameplay of its own intellectual property to fall under the Creative Commons license. 

Taking the latter fact to heart, JadeJohnson Games decided to benefit from this feature and download its Switch screen captures from its own album on Facebook, and fill in the gaps with PowerPoint to make a port of the game to its latest console and emulator under the terms of the "Fair Use Act".

This is the first time that Jade has ever walked the fine lines of the law, but he claims that he promises to make sure to always keep one foot far inside of the boundaries and the other one pressed against their inner edge at all times during the creation of this ProJect.

To avoid getting into copyright battles with his favourite video game company of all time, Jade and his crew have decided to Phoneticize the name of their port, so that it's pronounced the same way as Charles Martinet exclaims it on the Switch variant's main menu, but is written as "Soup Um Moddy Yo Odd Is See".

As for the content of "Odd Is See", Jade is going to create a music trivia quiz game, complete with Nintendo Eight Bit styled clips of many popular songs, assisted by the Windows program known as, "FamiTracker".  The game will quiz players on subjects such as song lyrics, melodies, harmonies, and basslines, and for each correct answer, a Power Moon will be awarded to the contestant, moving her or him one step closer to the next kingdom.

Once you beat the game, you will be able to jump back and forth between kingdoms, as you can in the original version, and additional Power Moons can be earned over the internet via game streaming, which will take advantage of the same technology that powers "The JadeShop™".

Speaking of The JadeShop, it'll be very interesting to see how the SlideShowGame giant handles beta testing of Soup Um Moddy Yo Odd Is See on its majorly successful streaming service, if the company shall even give us Jaders early access to the ProJect at all.

As usual though, we'll be sure to keep you posted as to any updates regarding this new JadeReam title, which just so happens to be the first official game that takes full advantage of the console's and emulator's technical specifications as a whole, here in The News Room at Motel Kumania!

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