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Michael Jackson's Moonwalker: The Kumanian Review Of The iFreddie Version Of The Game

Posted by Kumaria Juan Nazhi, Ol Mokcqa Du Lit Tdraib Kumeinien, (AKA The Blue Indian) on April 11, 2012 at 4:45 PM

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker is an, in our opinion, awesome game, made for the SEGA Genesis. iFreddie Games, though, made their own version of it for Powerpoint, and it's pretty darn close to the original. The graphics are almost the same, with a touch of iFreddie Games's improvement. However, there are some things they did leave out. One is that in the iFreddie version, Michael does not have a health bar. But they did do a great job of replacing damage to the bar with sounds of Jackson crying out in pain, or telling the gamer that they need to work on their skills. Another minor thing that iFreddie forgot is to put knobs on all of the doors. Yes, it is possible to say that in SEGA's version, the doorknobs are very hard to recognize, but it would at least be nice if iFreddie Games had left them on the doors in the new version. A third thing that is most noticible is that there is no way to actually make Michael move. Yes, he jumps if you click on him, but he cannot be moved left, right, up, or down on the platform, either by the keyboard or the mouse. According to iFreddie Games's executive producer, Juan Ramirez, this is something they still haven't worked out of their latest edition of the game, and because of the fact that PowerPoint was made primarily for aiding speakers in their presentations, they say that making characters move smoothly, if at all possible, would take up too much memory for the game to be released to  Even though exact health status, graphical details, and player control were left out of the game, iFreddie Games did a great job producing the music of their remake, for it sounds exactly like the original game. Another area they did well in was the recreation of the sound effects. Since this was a remake, they had to replicate the entire game from scratch, including the sounds, and since the sounds in the iFreddie game are almost exactly the same as those of the SEGA version, it can be easily said that they did a very good job. A third area they did greatly in was the reproduction of the title screen. According to Eduardo Gomez, graphical executive of iFreddie Games, the number one reason for which he was impressed by his employees is how closely the game's title screen resembled its classic forerunner. "I knew it would be hard, especially with our low resolutioned computers, but I'm proud of my employees for trying their best to make it work, and heck, it sure did! In fact I'm so proud of them that I'm going, right now, to ask Juan if he can give them a raise!" Indeed, it was a great success! Play it now, safe, free, full, and fun! Find it on i, under "i Kuma Games," or go to to play it directly from the Michael Jackson's Moonwalker homepage!

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