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If you know the resolution, the colour resolution and the dots per inch of the Game Boy Color, then you already know those of the eight bit edition of the iKuma Hue. If you have a picture filtering slash scaling slash resizing application on your computer, you can easily use either 56 or 64 colours for the colour resolution, 160 pixels high by 144 pixels wide for the resolution, and 86 for the dots per inch, on the actual Game Boy Color, required dpi varies per display, dpi not recommended for use here, to pull off the most awesomely realistic eight bit graphics that could actually fit the screen on either of said consoles! Post your eight bit creations here; REMEMBER TO FOLLOW THE RULES!
A Size Hacked Version Of The Kumanian Hatsune Miku Touchable Hologram Concert Can Be Played Back On The iKuma Hue
Kuma's Desktop iKuma Hueified
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Hacked iKuma Hue Gameplay Proof
Pokemon X And Y Hack For The iKuma Hue Minus The 3D
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