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Project Freewill - Art Guide: Confusable Works Sign In or Register to add photos

In Project Freewill, there is a deranged art salesman named Steve. The townsfolk often refer to him as "Crazy Steve". He sells only one true art piece at any given time in his shop per day. Any and all other works he has on display are fake. It is your job, as the player, to trick the tricker, so to speak; by buying the real art piece on the first try. This guide will help you ensure that you choose the right masterpiece before you risk wasting your money. "Crazy Steve" may pull a trick on you on certain days that makes sniffing out fakes a little more difficult than it usually is; for he might display a real art piece directly next to a fake one that is easily confusable with the true work of art. The differences may be very suttle, sometimes even coming down to two wares sharing the exact same colour, but having a different shape by as little as one single pixel. However, my guide will explain to you which is real and which is a scam. It also helps to know that in this guide, the fake model is always below the bar, and the real one is always above it. The colour of the bar does not matter; I just wanted to make my guide look pretty. You're welcome, and please do enjoy!
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