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My New And Improved Cover Of The Song, "Single Channel Echo"; Originally Written By Neil Baldwin - In Official iKuma SARI 94 2.0 SoundFonts (Extended)
Posted by James Johnson on October 24, 2015 at 10:33 PM

Even after the longest time, I still love this song, even more than I love, "PROBLEM", by Ariana Grande.


So what did I do? I made a better cover of it, using the official, non alpha, non beta, full, complete iKuma SARI 94 2.0 SoundFont. I could not be more proud of the final result of all my hard work. This cover even uses all five types of NES channels simultaneously, and flawlessly, as if the song were actually coded to run on a real original Nintendo Entertainment System, and not the iKuma SARI 94 2.0. So that means that all these sounds are either eight bit, or one bit, depending on the channel of course.


I hope that you now understand the full potential of the iKuma SARI 94 2.0 as a near perfect match to the NES sound chip. I worked hard to bring you your very own NES sound chip emulator that is literally loads easier to use than Fami Tracker. Sure, Fami Tracker sounds great, but it's a little hard to use for a beginner. This Emulative SoundFont literally does all the work for you. Well, you still have to enter in all the notes yourself, but you know what I mean. Basically, if you don't, it does all the bit crushing for you, and still sounds incredibly decent in quality; even going so far as to have been considered equally as comparable to the original NES sound chip as is Fami Tracker, by multiple test subjects. That really says a lot, since the iKuma SARI is a sixteen bit console that can still almost perfectly mimic the natural tones of an eight bit system from a more developed, better known, rival company.


Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this epic FOUR COUNT version of my cover of "Single Channel Echo", by Neil Baldwin. I worked very hard to bring this to you, so I really hope that it shows. Thank you in advance for giving it a listen.

Please, if you do feel so inclined to respect the original composer, you may listen to the YouTube video of his work in the movie theatre.

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