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JayDee Records Is Back! Check Out Our New Piano Synth Remastery Of The Original Theme Song To The iKuma Incorporated Slide Show Game, "The Fims (Life Stories)!
Posted by James Johnson on January 29, 2016 at 8:40 PM

After a long, painful, iOS ridden, seven months of having our server down; we were finally able to revive it! Welcome to generation two of JayDee Records Incorporated™!


Twenty Sixteen also marks the five year anniversary of the "Fims" series of PowerPoint Video Games by the no longer existent game company, "iKuma Games Incorporated™". Thus being said, iKuma was actually bought out by JayDee Games Incorporated™, and since JayDee Games gave JayDee Records the rights to all of the former iKuma game music, we decided that since "The Fims" was the most popular game series by iKuma, we'd pay it a little tribute and remaster the theme song to the very first Fims game.


Coincidentally, Piano Synth 2 was also owned by iKuma, who bought its rights from its original manufacturer, "Big Brother Games Incorporated™", who then went out of business; followed by iKuma themselves.


Anyway, now that we own the rights to both Piano Synth X, pronounced "Piano Synth Cross", AND The Fims's music, we think of now as the perfect time to make a tribute to the most popular life "Fimulation" saga on PowerPoint! Please do enjoy, and a hearty welcome to the second generation of JayDee Records!

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