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Rakshitha Rajan: THEE Number-One Fan Of Kumaria Juan Nazhi, Ol Mokcqa Du Lit Tdraib Kumeinien

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18 years old
Naperville, Illinois
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Darn it, all the awesome colors are taken!  OK then, I call white!  No one else take it!  If you do, I'll report you to my idol for taking my color!  White means purity, and blue means truth!  I will use my purity to make sure that truth reigns on in the Kumanian Tribe!

Oh, and by the way; my nickname is Ro-Ro, with the stress on the first syllable; get it right, people!  JK, I'm not mad!

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How rude! You ought to be banned from this site; and why were you looking at Michael's profile anyway? Wow, and just when I said you were nice too! Now, I hate you, and you've crushed all my dreams to ever be on iCarly!

(To self): Gees, you're such a meanie; and hey, at least me calling you a meanie is better than you calling me a, whatever you meant that was so bad it was censored out by your computer. You really need to get a life! And a good one at that!
Reply Miranda Taylor Cosgrove
1:44 PM on May 22, 2012 
You... BEAST! (Censored by Nickelodeon PC!) you! You're such a (Censored by Nickelodeon PC!)! Oh, when I get my hands on you, I'm gonna (Censored by Nickelodeon PC!) (Censored by Nickelodeon PC!) (Censored by Nickelodeon PC!)! You think you can gossip about me!? I don't care if my computer blocks off everything I'm saying; I don't care that I know that Nickelodeon is monitoring everything I post while I'm at work, and I don't care if I lose my job! I HATE (Censored by Nickelodeon PC!) (Censored by Nickelodeon PC!) like you, who gossip about me! If I ever meet you in person, I'm gonna (Censored by Nickelodeon PC!) you of all your blue paint, AND ALL THE SKIN UNDERNEATH! (Censored by Nickelodeon PC!) you, you (Censored by Nickelodeon PC!) (Censored by Nickelodeon PC!)!

[Once you click the "Post Comment" button on this site, this computer will perform an emergency crash, just before which it will report you to your network administrator for the most utterly foul conduct ever recorded in the history of Nickelodeon employees on our network! You may not view this message until after this comment has been posted, "User: Miranda Taylor Cosgrove," however everyone on this site will have found out who you really are by the time you view the replies to what you said to {poor} "User: Rakshitha Rajan, THEE Number One Fan Of Kumaria Juan Nazhi, Ol Mokcqa Du Lit Tdraib Kumeinien."

Good luck keeping your current job!

Working for the greater good,
Nickelodeon Network Server: Version 21.6
(To self): I love that girl! She's so nice! I wish she was my sister! I'll make sure that she's the made of honor at my wedding! (Huge, ear to ear grin!) (Giggling) Heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!
Reply Miranda Taylor Cosgrove
5:50 PM on May 21, 2012 
You're welcome! :D

Well, I've got to go get ready to rehearse for the next episode of iCarly; the director's saying that if I'm late one more time, he'll kick me off the cast and force himself to find a new Carly, no matter how much it would hurt him both to make and to see me go! So, I'll talk to you later, Sweetie. Oh, one more thing: please tell Michael Belmonte two things:

1. I love his song Trouble!,
2. I liked his old profile picture better than I like his new one; in fact, I loath his new one, it's so boring. I mean I don't mean to hurt his feelings, but that's just how I feel.

Thanks, and have a great day, Rakshitha, Sweetie!
Yeah, I know; and thanks so much for your complements! I never thought a celebrity could be so nice to me in my life! Thanks, Miranda Cosgrove!
Reply Miranda Taylor Cosgrove
5:41 PM on May 21, 2012 
You'll have all the guys all over you with those looks, even when you're married!
Reply Miranda Taylor Cosgrove
5:41 PM on May 21, 2012 
Cool! And you're definitely right about how blue looks on you; and that brilliant hair really does accent your superiorly amazing blue sexiness!
Thanks, Carly! And yes, I sure am going to stay blue forever! I love this color; and with my hair, I look even hotter!
Reply Miranda Taylor Cosgrove
5:34 PM on May 21, 2012 
By the way, that green background really brings it home! You look so awesome!
Reply Miranda Taylor Cosgrove
5:33 PM on May 21, 2012 
Wow, you're really rocking the blue paint! Are you going to stay blue forever, like Kuma' was originally going to?