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Anniemon Battle (FREE!)

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Here's where you can play R&N's latest .ppt and .opt video game, Anniemon Battle!

(Rated E For Everyone!)

If you're not sure whether you do/will know how to play, you can:

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Click on a title to play it online or download it for free (no credit required).  It's preferred that you download it to your computer.  iKuma and R&N sites  DO NOT CONTAIN ANY VIRUSES, SPYBOTS OR SPYWARE (100% SAFE)


Here are the different versions of the game that have been released.  

Anniemon Battle Advanced

In this downloadable PowerPoint video game, made by CoolJ Games, you play as Annie, the main character, in a clean, appropriate battle scene very much like that of the Pokemon game series.  CoolJ even computer-generated the same battle sounds from the various Pokemon games, mostly from the


editions.  The graphics, though, surpass the quality of those of Pokemon Black and White versions!  Although, the coolest part, perhaps, is the color selection menu, where you can choose any of the colors in the names of any of the Anniemon games released, including the latest, Door Purple!  The object of the game is to try to see how many times you can attack the enemy before they attack you back.  You can use up to 3 attacks in a turn.  Click on one of the ones you want, then, while the other choices fade out of view, quickly click on your other attacks.  Your avatar will multiply themself, and you will use all of your selected moves at the same time.  If you're familiar with the Pokemon series, this was not possible in those games!  Anyway, we're talking too much, so click on any game's title, in pink, found above its decription, to either play it online or download it.  HAVE FUN!!!

This game is rated: (E)

Anniemon Battle Basic

The basic version of Anniemon Battle is, in iFreddie's view, a practice/warmup version of the advanced version.  Although, you can also play any version in practice mode by pressing LEFT ARROW, and when you're done, just press RIGHT ARROW to resume play mode.  Anyway, though, Basic Version only comes in full color mode, and you can't get attacked back.  The AI is very low in this version, if it even has AI.  So if you don't get the hang of how to play, this is the version for you!  ENJOY!!!

This game is rated: (E)

Anniemon Battle Advanced (Oober Hard Version)

In the above two versions of Anniemon Battle, if you played them, you probably noticed that all attacks affect their targets.  Well, in this game, that changed.  Now attacks can miss, and you actually have to train your Anniemon to fight better.  To do that, you must play a lot.  You should strengthen each of your Anniemon's attacks by continuously using the same move until the next battle starts.  We here at iFreddie found out that when you start playing this game on a computer where it hasn't been played before, your Anniemon has to be told their attacks as soon as you click on the FIGHT button.  Otherwise, they'll forget your command.  As you play more and more, though, they'll remember what you trained them to do longer and longer.  Soon, they'll never forget how to use a move.  In that sense, it's kind of like training a dog, or any pet that can learn tricks, really.  What also changed, though, is the video quality, and unfortunately, it got worse.  You see, according to CoolJ games, when they made the game, there was some speed glitch that they couldn't work out, so that now, the speed of the video is somewhere around one pan per second.  The sound quality, though is just as good as before.  We highly recommend trying it out, ya know, the whole training thing, because the more you play, the credits go dirrectly to CoolJ, and the more credits they have, the more games they'll make!  So, we hope you play and like Anniemon Battle!!  Good luck, and have fun!!!

This game is rated: (E)


Anniemon Battle 3D


 With new attacks, larger characters, and faster computation and animation, Anniemon has been made a whole new experience!  But those aren't the only features that make this game MUCH better than its predecessors.  Now, you can play Anniemon Battle in SHOCKING 3D, and WITHOUT 3D GLASSES!  With the use of the technology of Nintendo's 3DS, CoolJ Games has recreated the Anniemon experience, so that it actually stands out!!!  Plus, they've also added distance affects,which make the game look even more realistic!  Try it, here at!  Then, if you wish, tell us about it on the iForums page.  Enjoy!!!!!


This game is rated: (E)


Anniemon Battle 3D X


Have you ever played one of the Anniemon games, and just felt like there's been something missing?  Well, apearently, CoolJ Games felt the same way, because they made a new form of the 3D edition of the game, claiming that what you felt missing was the interaction they added into this new game.  

Zachary Mast, Freddie's cousin, states, "I hope that someday, they make the pokemon games more interactive.  I mean, you know make it so, you can like, have the choice of making the attack affect or not.  I'm kinda tired of affectivity being automatically decided by the game."

Well, now, Zach, your wish has come true!  There is now a battle game, not by Nintendo, but by CoolJ Games, in which the only way an attack affects its target is if you click an affectivity button, that only appears for a second, after you perform the attack.  If you do not click this button, the attack will miss!  So what'a ya say?  Try it out, and test it for yourself, here at!

This game is rated: (E)


Anniemon Battle 3D Party


 Have you ever wondered when you would be able to actually have a party in Anniemon Battle?  Remember, in the Basic, Advenced, and Advanced Oober Hard versions, how there's that green 


button?  And remember how, if you clicked on it, it'd give you that error screen that said that you didn't have enough Anniemon in your party to release another one?  Well, that just changed... FOREVER!!!!!  That's right, you now have more Anniemon to help you in your ever raging battle against Meganoid!  Unlike Pokemon, though, you only have three Anniemon in your party, so far, but they are very original and unique in both their names and their attacks!  Not only that, but neither one has EVER been seen or heard of BEFORE in Anniemon Battle history!!! The first new Anniemon is named, Staniton.  He is steal type.  He knows the moves: iron claw, harden, box, and lead jab.  His most special and important move is harden.  When it is used, your whole team's defense is raised through him!  The second new Anniemon is called Herbany.  She is grass type.  Her attacks are: leech seed, poison sting, sleep gas, and chatter.  Her most special and important move is leech seed, because, not only does it heal her, but it gives the same amount of health to your whole team!  Another cool thing about this new Anniemon update is that, since each new Anniemon knows completely new moves that are different from those of each other, attack combinations are endless!!!  And with the new attack compatibility feature, Annie can use up to three of her moves at a time, while each of her companions uses all four of his or her attacks at once!!!  This new operating system is bound to call you back to your computer time and time again, to have you test out all of the attack possibilities!!!  And you can try it now, here at!!!!!


This game is rated: (E10+)


Anniemon BAttle 3 Online Edition (FREE) [Virtual Reality Pack Not Supported]:

Play as Annie, Stanaton, Herbany, Jonny, and the gang from the Zhenqï region (not yet translated to English), as you defeat all of Meganoid's evil Sidekicks from Team Mànqïpékcqã (Not yet translated to English) and stop them from taking over the world.  Battle in completely new and exciting ways, with 3D graphics and never before seen attacks and Anniemon.  View the complete original AnnieDex, and even hear the cries of all 40 of the first ever Anniemon.  Carry a completely status sensative party of Anniemon wherever you roam.  View your world in a totally new light with Pokemon TM Generation 5 TM styled graphics, art, animation, and effects.  Save and load your game from anywhere in gameplay, chat with friends online while playing.  Post and download new Anniemon avatars to put into your game.  Record your own cries for your Anniemon, and change the cries for those already in the game in the click of your mouse.  Rename your and others' Anniemon.  Change the battle background.  Create your own attack sounds and effects.  Even create your own attacks.  Change what characters say in the game when you talk to them.  Change anyone's name at any time.  Use cheatcodes to help you get further in your game progress, and to help other people.  Download upgrades for your current version of the game.  Play the Virtual Reality Pack and literally be in the game; move your arm, and Annie does the same motion.  Shield yourself with your arms and Annie uses Defend to block an enemy attack and prevent herself from obtaining a status problem.  Hit the deck and Annie uses tackle.  Also, make a motion like you're punching someone in a highly vulnerable spot, and actually see AND feel their blood on your hands; you'll even have to wash it off after you're done playing.  The best part, though, is that blood and other substances from the game are only made to stick to your skin, so they won't even show up on your keyboard, your clothes, or in your eyes!  If you get far enough in the Virtual Reality Pack edition, there's even an Anniemon that can learn Surf, and you can actually wash the blood off your hands and other areas, without even damaging your console or computer!!!!!!!!!!  This is the latest of iKuma technology.  Yeah, R&N wouldn't even know where to start!  That's why the game's being released in India, first: to celebrate the advancements in technology that I, Kuma Juan Nazhi, have developed!  But don't worry, all of you westerners will get it, too, after 8:00AM comes for you.  The best part is that in India, it comes out at midnight!!!!!!!!!!  Naaaa Naa Naa Naaaa Naaaa (Singsong, ridiculing voice.)  Well anyway, the online version has hardly any of those features, because you need PowerPoint to run the 3DS emulator software, since it needs to run in a full screen PowerPoint window to be able to show all of its effects at the most powerfull resolution.  So, you're stuck with a DSi compatible online game that's more simplified than The Sims 2 TM for the Nintendo DS TM.  But hey, it works, so ENJOY IT!

This game is rated E, but might have its rating changed to T, because of BLOOD and VIOLENCE.

Anniemon was developed by R&N Games, our rival, so if there are any problems, report to them on their Game Talk page at:  Have fun with the game!