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I make PowerPoint video games, most of which can be found on my website. I'm extremely visually impaired and have a form of high functioning autism known as aspergers; so it's harder for me to be creative in a rational manner when attempting to solve a problem.

I figured I should help to make you all a little more aware of my autism.



First off, "What is autism"? Well, autism is a developmental disorder in the brain that impedes, but doesn't fully block, certain aspects of maturing-slash-maturity from happening as quickly as normal in those who have it. Autism affects everyone who has it in a different way. Some may be fidgety. Others may talk loudly when they don't mean to, or unknowingly use the wrong tone of voice for the way they currently feel. Still others may have the same conversations over and over with either the same person, or a slew of different people. Some people with Autism may get upset over things that weren't intended to offend them, or things that are out of their control. There are even some autistic people who like, associate themselves with, or are unknowingly "addicted to television shows, movies, games, or other media or forms of entertainment that are not meant for their age group. Most of these latter individuals watch shows like "Thomas The Tank Engine" when they are twenty years old, but there are some rare cases where young children with autism will do anything they can to get their hands on mature content.



Then, there are people like me: people with autism who like to follow a specific rule or set of rules all the time. Some of these people, including I, even believe that everyone else should follow the same rule or rules that we so firmly cling to. For me, it is the "NO CUSSING" rule. My autism has lead me to believe that no one should use inappropriate language of any kind, including the c-word that means "poop", the d-word that means, "condemn", and the h-word that means "the underworld"; as well as literally any and all other words that at least someone in the world would get offended by, even if that someone is of an older generation that doesn't appreciate such words because they and the members of their generation would never be caught saying them.



Some autistic people get angry if they find that someone has violated their "special rule". I am pretty sure that I am not the only one. However, even though we may or may not feel, at such a time, that our anger is not controllable, we need to always keep in mind that it is, and that if we do anything in anger that hurts someone in any way, there will most likely be consequences that we won't like.



Although our autism has literally no control over us, not even when we get angry; some of us, like I, tend to forget to think before we act, more often than those without autism, and we may accidentally do things, without bad intentions, that do end up offending others. For example, as I mentioned above, some people who have autism may accidentally use the wrong tone of voice; so if I, let's just say for now, said, "Nice shirt", you might think I sounded sarcastic, but in all honesty, I'm being as serious as the sun is hot.



Now really, my tone of voice isn't usually one of the areas in which I struggle with my autism, that was just an example. However, I do struggle to explain things sometimes. You might ask me why I feel a certain way, and I may just say that I don't know why. It isn't really that I don't know, it's really just that I have trouble explaining certain things because my brain can't wrap itself around the entire explanation, and for me, my brain needs to be able to have a firm grasp on a subject before it can enable me to speak about something. Think of it as airport security: they could let you get right to your gate, but they can't because they have to make sure that they "understand" everything that you possess before they'll let you onto that plane.



Another autistic trait that I used to struggle with, but don't anymore, is that I used to pretend I was someone from a television show, from a video game, or from some other made-up place. In other words, I used to have a very prominent fantasy life. However, I made a website to which I can channel all of my fantasy-related thoughts, and it really worked! I am now able to keep my fantasy thoughts away from my life in the real world, and vice versa! I've even gone so far as to reveal my real self on my website, so that people can better understand its purpose.




Anyway, I hope you understand a little more about autism, and how it relates to me. Thank you for your interest in such a topic.

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Reply James Johnson
9:53 AM on August 12, 2015 
iOS Doesn't Let You Use Videos Or Animated Gifs As Home Or Lock Screen Backgrounds. Follow The Steps In Either Section (1) Or Section (2) For Proof.

1.01. Open Safari and browse to any site that displays an animated gif image.
1.02. Tap and hold on the Graphics Interchange Format image with one finger until a popup menu appears.
1.03. Tap the option that saves the image to your Camera/Photos app.
1.04. Open the Settings app.
1.05. Choose the Wallpaper category.
1.06. Tap "Choose A New Wallpaper", after selecting the screen you wish to customize.
1.07. Select the image you just downloaded from Safari.
1.08. Choose either, "Set Home Screen"; or, "Set Lock Screen".
1.09. Wait for the setting(s) to be applied.
1.10. Go to the actual version of the screen whose background you just changed.
1.11. Observe that the background you chose is no longer animated.


2.01. Open the Camera app and record a video.
2.02. Stop recording the video to save it to your Camera/Photos app.
2.03. Open the Settings App.
2.04. Select the "Wallpaper" category.
2.05. Select "Choose A New Wallpaper", after choosing which screen you want to customize.
2.06. Notice that none of your videos, let alone the one you just recorded, show up in the list of choices you can use as a background.

This makes me very dismayed, and I am thinking about switching to Android OS, because it lets you customize your device to your heart's content.
Reply James Johnson
12:54 AM on June 24, 2014 
I made my own grammatically correct rendition of the lyrics to Ariana Grande's hit single titled "Problem", so I just had to "lyric bomb" any and all versions of said song's appearances on Kumanian Audio! And yes, those are the actual lyrics, as sung by Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea, and Big Sean themselves, figured out by ear and hand retyped by me, without any copies or pastes! Enjoy!

(Reader Of The Lyrics: What about the "when I ain't around you" part?)

And yes, according to my iPod's dictionary, "ain't" may be informal, but it is a real word!
Reply James Johnson
3:47 PM on June 3, 2014 
It turns out that making the "Real World" portion of the new game I wanna make, which I'm thinking about calling "Anniemon Alliance", is going to be more challenging than I originally thought it would present itself to be. However, I, at least for now anyway, am quite determined to get to work on the game sometime over the summer. Depending on how I wanna make the game, you might be able to experience two different parts of the real world, plus Zhenqi, which is the realm that is home to the Anniemon.

Anniemon has been one of the best PowerPoint game series since its launch in 2008. Though less of an Anniemon game, "Oh, Annie" and "Oh, Annie 2" DID introduce us to the characters whom we've all come to know and love as of today. With "Anniemon Alliance", I plan to enable it to fully immerse you in both a world that is similar to your actual life, as well as the rich culture and vivid colours of Zhenqi. There are beautifully fluid gyroscopic controls that will make you feel as if you are literally in the game. You'll be able to turn your body in the physical world around you, and the game will automatically shift the camera angle to match the way you turned.

The sound quality will be only the most supreme, too. With seven-hundred-and-five-kilobyte-per-second music, sounds, and vocals, you will truly feel like you are surrounded by the sounds of the game, and nothing but. Worried about whether you'll be able to hear your mother calling you downstairs to do a chore? Don't worry, the game's super high quality will still let you hear anything important outside of Anniemon Alliance.

Wanna know more about the game? Well read my post on Kumanian Blog, found in the news room, to learn more about Anniemon Alliance, and it's official plans. (Plans may be subject to change, so check back frequently.)
Reply James Johnson
11:57 PM on April 25, 2014 
J.J. Glider turned out nicely, but if I wanna use him in the game, I'll have to recreate him all over again, because I idiotically accidentally forgot to save both his own code, and that of the place where he performs, known as The Rusty Diner. I know, how stupid of me, right?
Reply James Johnson
5:47 PM on April 17, 2014 
I'm totally gonna get Tomodachi life; but I'm gonna get two copies: one for myself, and one for my sister. I may want that game to come out in the States, but I don't even know how many other people even know that it exists in Japan already. So, in case it becomes a marketing failure, I'm gonna get it for my sister too, so that she doesn't miss out on what could just be the perfect "My Sims" for the Nintendo 3DS. Though, it's more of "Mii Sims", heh heh!
Reply James Johnson
1:15 PM on November 19, 2013 
I'm excited for this Christmas season!
Reply James Johnson
6:27 PM on November 7, 2013 
There's no school tomorrow, and there's no school Monday! So, yeah.
Reply James Johnson
10:05 AM on October 18, 2013 
It looks like it is Friday again. What shall I do this weekend?
Reply James Johnson
10:56 AM on October 16, 2013 
Today is a half day at school, so when I get home, one of the first things I'll probably do is eat lunch. My mom said that I didn't need to bring one, since I'd get home at about the same time at which I eat.
Reply James Johnson
4:07 PM on October 12, 2013 
Yeah, I guess you're right. But guess what. I got Pokemon X AND Pokemon Y, ON THEIR RELEASE DATE!
I'm pretty sure you meant "here", not "gere". You must have forgotten to press (X) a second time on the (G H I 4) button. Silly you. (I giggle kindly.)
Reply James Johnson
9:42 PM on September 30, 2013 
I have got an awesome Zachary Mast song remake cover that I made just waiting to be transferred from my PSP to my laptop for upload to gere as soon as I finish assisting my sister with her Spanish homework. You will all love it.